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  • dmesshian dmesshian Aug 24, 2011 4:15 PM Flag

    LaViv's 3600/4000$$ - Extortionately Expensive**

    Who can afford this kind of treatment in these "belt tightening" economic times?
    And even at that price they aren't going to make any money when it cost 8000$ to 10000$$$ just 5 years ago in Europe.
    Isolagen went bankrupt at the higher price in the EU!

    This marketing plan is DOA!!

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    • see the problem with you dmess is you tell so many lies you can't keep track of the ones you tell. it is your other half spliff that was suppose to be the "surfer", maybe he is still in the closet looking for his boogie board!

      commercialization is going just fine, check out the recent kaufman presentation.

      no, not accredited investor. just plain ole investor:

      Re: $0.45 13-Feb-11 09:51 pm
      Not true....I've been following this company (it's predecessor Isolagen) for 8 years. Starting buying FCSC @ .40. The company is real, as is their therapy. Ignore the ya-hoos, and stay long.

      now if you could just learn to tell the truth, you wouldn't have to keep track of your lies! but that is the problem with being a PAID BASHER, you make your living telling lies.

    • Well, another thoughtless post from one of those -- deep pocketed -- "accredited investors", who spends all his free time bragging about his 'eggspurt' "surfing prowess" -- rather than discussing such trivial matters as FCSC "commercialization plan".
      Oh, he "shuns" such trivial and banal subjects as... boring... yawn...

      Ohhh... such is the fickle nature of your standard FCSC's "revered accredited investor".

      It's good to hear from you, Cin.
      How is the surf in Tinseltown, Pal?

    • The trading volume is, perhaps, an indication of future demand for Laviv.
      At these "extortionately expensive" prices there will not be any demand to crow about folks..
      Take heed you "FCSC-Laviv" devotees.
      Seems like new investors are sniffing, and then taking a pass of FCSC?

      The lack of demand is telling all a' yawl' something and you better read the "tea leaves".
      This dog ain't gonna hunt for 'you's'.
      As that ol' saw goes: this FCSC-dog is a turkey in disguise.

      This malaise is an indication that something is "inherently wrong" with this FCSC idea, and I know lots "you's' are thinking along the same lines, but you dare not utter a word.
      But let me advise you to stay at the ready, 'cause when the race to exit begins, you better be ready to bail, so you don't get left with the sack o' dung.

    • At these prices, FCSC management has priced Laviv out of the facial aesthetics wrinkle filler market.

      But they have no choice 'cause the manufacturing cost of Laviv is expensive and even at these estimated prices, it will be difficult to generate a reasonable profit.

      The pre-payment of upwards of 70% will create HUGE "sticker shock" and customer resistance.
      And with our understanding of human behavior, the GRAND majority -- (98.5% to 99.9%), of folks visiting doctors, contemplating Laviv will opt for "Allergan's Botox/Juvederm" combo.
      Allergan's products are "lighter" on "the ever-cost-conscious" facial aesthetic customer's pocketbooks and, can be "conveniently" delivered on the spot.

      So the customers demand will be met by the doctors and clinics all across the U.S., however; the products used to satisfy that demand will be terribly disappointing to all you FCSC longs.

    • LaViv is the most expensive "face lift" on the aesthetic market to date.
      There is a reason why the "Big Players" are just silently whistling along unperturbed by LaViv's presence.

      They know that at this "sky high" entry level price and the long delay, this product will be almost DOA.

      LaViv is: 1)over-hyped and overpriced; 2)for the wrong market; and 3)a bad fit for the current facial aesthetic market's direction; that is, lower cost plus super market like convenience for 95% of customers.
      In baseball that's 3 strikes and you are out. Isn't it?

      Yeah, the product might work but, where does it fit or, where and how does your mktg guru ceo, does his product placement to insure profitability.
      I don't see a fit and given the failed history in Europe, I am terribly pessimistic.

      This is a BIG miss!

    • For a loser like you even a Big Mac is "Extortionately Expensive"