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  • spliff4joy spliff4joy Sep 14, 2011 4:58 PM Flag

    Ancient History

    "#1 ) We aint in europe... #2 ) Its no longer isolagen..."

    ***Ancient history...ANCIENT HISTORY??!!!!****
    Please mes ami, why don't you cogitate on the message in this quote from the great American writer, William Faulkner:


    How can you overlook such a "SIGNIFICANT PART" of due diligence??!!!

    No wonder "numbskulls" get caught in: "Grizzly BEAR Traps".

    Please note some "ancient ISOLAGEN history" that is still alive in Europe today.

    ***Lynn Harrison is shocked to find that the company is essentially back in business. ‘I’ve written the money off,’ she says, ‘but I cannot believe that they can just change the name and set up again. If anyone is thinking about having it done, I’d simply say don’t waste your time or your money.’ It might have a new name, but it doesn’t take an awful lot of internet searching to connect Laviv to Isolagen. And, given its track record, surely nobody is going to buy into the hype second time around?
    ‘Here in America, it never really got any buzz behind it before it was withdrawn from circulation in 1999,’ says New York-based cosmetic surgery expert Wendy Lewis. ‘As a result, the average consumer in the U.S. will not have any recollection of Isolagen.’ Indeed, in the July edition of American Vogue, the glossy trumpets ‘the new trend in dermatology — grow your own filler’. But even if consumers are interested, there’s still that price tag to grapple with.****

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