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  • chesterkoljy chesterkoljy Sep 18, 2011 1:52 PM Flag

    Makenuki, thanks for clearing up that mgmnt did not sell shares.

    Thanks! Clearly management is in this with us because no forms have been filed indicating mgmnt has sold any shares. There were times recently when the stock went up a little and David Pernock could have excercised some of his options (the ones that can be purchased at 62 cents) at 62 cents and made a small profit but he didn't. He must have confidence that he can make a go of this company and is not interested in a small profit. I think that making this company work is doable and I think that he's making good decisions too. I really like his orphan drug idea for the burn indication. Looks like we have a CEO who really plans to make this company succeed and he has the know-how to do it. This stock is cheap. Wish I had some more cash. I will have more cash in a few months ($20.000) and I may put all of it into this stock if there are just a few more positive signs coming from the company. Right now it looks like the path to victory is taking shape but it would be nice to have a few signs that the effort is working. I'm definitely very impressed that they got the money ($22 million) to get launched and teach the docs how to use this technology. They're making all the right moves; that's for sure.

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    • Wow!
      The pumping never stops!
      Dude, if you had $20K there is no way you would throw it away in FCSC.
      Hey pal, you are such a shameless LIAR!

      You guys come across as "so desperate" and your "smarmy" tones conveys not an iota of credibility.

      You blokes would starve if you had to make your living as "used car salesmen".
      No wonder the stock continues depressed into third week of this "non-stop Grizzly Bear Raid".
      It's because you "guru-pumpers" are all WET!

    • I agree. FCSC has a bright future ahead:

      1. The launch for laViv has formally started. LaViv won the Best of Beauty Award from Allure magazine:

      2. Several technical presentations will be given at prestigious conferences attended by cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists talking about laViv and its uses for acne scars, restrictive burn scars and so on.

      3. Orphan indication was applied for restrictive burn scar. Should hear back from the FDA by year end.

      To save me from another post, about your question on insider ownership of the stock, as far as I know, none. You could tell that from the form-4's that you dug up. Any stock ownership would be listed in Table-1.

      For all practical purposes, FCSC is a new company started in 2009 when the previous company Isolagen emerged from bankruptcy. So far, the company does not give stock awards, only options. David Pernock, the CEO, was hired in 2010. Pernock could become a stock owner if he exercises the options and holds the stock. But there is little point in doing that, his options have a 10 years term. The point as you observed was that he could have made a few hundred thousands dollars, exercising options and selling them when the stock was above 1$. But he did not. The basis for his options are higher than today stock price so his goal and shareholders' goal are aligned as far as the stock price is concerned.