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  • dmesshian dmesshian Oct 5, 2011 12:11 PM Flag

    Summary of yesterday's call?

    Karen, "The Discredited 'Guru in Chief'" was last seen weeping into his infamous **Black Box Warnings**... boo hooo...

    He was headed back to his "cave dwellings".
    His 'overly optimistic' FCSC earnings and growth forecast were "blown-up" by CEO Pernock's CC!

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    • I thought it was interesting that Pernock did not want celebrity endorsers in 2012 (good question Reid!) since he is forecasting plenty of demand with celebrities. They are going to sell a ton of this stuff.

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      • Err, or more to the point, it takes HUGE dollar$$$ to get celebrity endorsers, dawg.
        They don't work for cheap, and FCSC is burning tons of cash with the increased "head count" and stuff.

        Pernock was being discrete by not saying: Money; I ain't got none for celebrities!

        Instead of "pumping" all the time, maybe you should all start thinking like "bean counters" -- finance$$$$.
        After all money is the life-blood of a business folks.