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    • Expect alot more exposure of FCSC now that procedures have begun..

    • Decent Reader's Digets type article with very little detail information on Laviv.
      However, the only thing that stood to the "soccer Moms" is the cost, which is the current, "First year"Promo price" of $2000 mentioned in Pernock's Conference Call.

      Let me remind you that this is the cost to doctor, so the final -- out the door -- cost to the patient/customer will be somewhere between $3500 to $5000.
      I know for a fact that doctors in this lucrative Aesthetic sector, doctors, don't work cheap, nor for free. Plus, the time lag between payments and consummating the "final transaction" is a HUGE 12 to 20 weeks will not sit well with the current: "drive through same day cash procedures".

      It's also interesting to note that in all these articles, most of the people interviewed are doctors from research centres who participated in the FDA approval of Laviv. Dr. Brandt is in private practice, but his clinics were the lead testing clinics for Laviv.
      In the broader 99.9% percent of clinics, outside of the research centres, you will begin to see resistance to this "HUGE $2000" down-payment and 3 to 6 months wait period. Plus, the "multiple injections / multiple visits" over a protracted period of time, before concluding the transaction is the biggest "buzz kill". This is just another Dendreon (DNDN) type, "sales projection nightmare" in the waiting.
      Pernock is wise not to provide any forecast for the first year.
      Unlike the "message board guru of inconsequence" -- Mukenaki -- who prognosticated "outrageously ludicrous sale$$$ numbers that launched a "bear trap".

      Posted here:

      **PS: Be very careful of all information coming from that "perma-Bull clown" -- payaso Mukenaki -- in the FCSC-Laviv universe. He will get you stuck in a "Bear Trap", waist deep in "bovine excrement" along with HIM and his "sycophantic followers" my esteemed fellow investors.