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  • mukenaki mukenaki Nov 13, 2011 1:58 PM Flag

    laViv in use

    That's a page from Dr. Greg Chernoff's website (He participated in the laViv clinical trials. I like the statement: "Too many filler options... then use your own cells!" in the laViv ad.

    Below is an interview with Dr. Chernoff. Note his mentioning of off-label usage for scars and how laViv may replace fillers like Juvederm.


    Q: What does this treat?

    A: Moderate to severe smile lines. Our studies 10 years ago included treatment of acne scars. This was considered science fiction 15 years ago. This is the first FDA- approved form of personalized cell therapy.

    Currently, the FDA approval is for nasolabial fold lines, but there are ongoing investigations for treating scars. We are using it off-label now for scar victims.

    Q: Who is a candidate for this?

    A: There really isn't a patient from an aging standpoint that isn't a good candidate. Women lose more fat around their mouths than men do, so they see deepening of the folds. Women and men who are currently doing fillers such as Juvederm are intrigued by this because it's their own tissue.

    With it being your own tissue, there isn't any potential for rejection. This is like replanting your own seeds in the garden to make your own collagen.

    Q: How long do results take, and how long will they last?

    A: You can see results in six to eight weeks. Theoretically, this is permanent because this is your own tissue that is regrowing. The younger your cells are, the younger you are, the greater your fibroblasts and the more hearty you are.

    We treated patients up to 70, and they're still seeing results.

    Q: What does it cost?

    A: We're seeing price ranges from $4,000 to $6,000.

    Q: Is it popular?

    A: When it first came out 10 years ago, I wasn't a big believer. I agreed to do the studies, and time after time, my patients came back in, saying what a nice result we're getting. I think you will see the popularity of this grow exponentially. I believe one day it will replace fillers, particularly the superficial fillers.

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    • Youll see. Give it a year.

    • Salient -- "significant quote" from original post: "We're seeing price ranges from $4,000 to $6,000."

      This price is way out of reach for YOUR average: soccer Moms, "middle-class-millionaires" and, Baby Boomer crowd are willing to pay to look beautiful by filling their wrinkles and plumpin' their lips.
      There are "highly accurate surveys" performed by leading consumer research firms that verifies this fact.
      The "BIG DAWGS" are left giggling in their coffee mugs reading Mssr.Pumpers "ridiculous disinformation tactics" placing Laviv up against: Botox and Juvederm.

      Read the FACTS and weep yawls':
      ****"Most patients, including older ones, choose procedures that are less invasive and expensive than face lifts or other surgery. In 2010, nonsurgical techniques, led by injections of Botox and other wrinkle-smoothing substances, accounted for 88% of the cosmetic procedures performed on patients age 65 and older, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery."****

      YOU "laviv-pumper ignoramuses" have been attempting the same ol' "warmed over tactic on this mssg board since "FCSC-highs" last summer up the current lows.

      In that aspect "YOU pathetic dweebs" fits Einstein's definition of Insanity perfectly: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

      YOUS' are not investors. You buffoons are just "pure Pumpers" out on a scheme to cash-in -- BIG-time --and got caught in a SERIOUS "Bear Trap"!

      • 2 Replies to spliff4joy
      • Another great post, spliff. Keep em coming!

      • 1. Name calling and ranting do not make an argument. You have stopped the idiotic arguments about laViv not working and that is good. If you now want to argue that FCSC/laViv will not be commercially successful, give reasons. Blah-blah "bear trap" is not an argument. I'll address the one reason you did give next.

        2. Just for the aesthetic applications, laViv does not need to reach every "soccer Mom" to be successful. About 4M patients use some non-surgical procedures in 2009. That number grew to 7.5M in 2010. These numbers were in a tough economy and reflected the increasing needs by an aging baby boomer population (70M-80M). If laViv could take 1% of the market size whatever that may be from year to year, FCSC will be a successful company. IMO, it will achieve that market share and more because of its long-lasting skin-regenerating effects and natural safety, being patients' own cells.

        3. That's just the start for laViv. Among other applications, restrictive burn is a critical need without any current effective treatment. Early data were nothing but miraculous. FCSC already applied to the FDA for orphan status. Given known data, there is little question that that will be approved. If a phase-3 trial could be run and be successful, this will be a hugely successful product.

    • ***FCSC-Pumper Mukenaki says: "That's a page from Dr. Greg Chernoff's website (He participated in the laViv clinical trials."***

      Of course "The Good Dr. Chernoff" has a vested interest in promoting a product he helped "brought through the FDA approval process", and good for him -- eh pal?
      However; as Mssr. Pernock stated in the interview in the journal "Nature"; a couple months ago, Laviv doesn't add volume like: Juvederm.

      $4000 to $6000 is "extortionately expensive"! This is a separate market, mes ami and YOU know it!
      What is your reason for mentioning "Allergan's Juvederm"?
      That puts Laviv in competition with YOUR average "face lift".
      This tells YOUR knowledgeable investor in the "Aesthetic Sector" that Laviv is a process that is ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY not in competition with any filler product in facial filler market.
      It is in a separate Market and if YOU can't recognize this, then YOU are an "Ignorant Pumper".

      So, Mssr. "PUMPER-IN-CHIEF", keep on "pumping your mis-information". But let me remind YOUS' and YOUR ilk that "only Earnings and Profits drive stock prices -- not YOUR pumping and one "good DR.'s website window dressing, eh.

      Everybody is awaiting the quarterly report, mssr. pumper. Call it, "the proof in the pudding", you pudding-head.