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  • dmesshian dmesshian Nov 30, 2011 11:29 AM Flag

    From Allure magazine

    The real significant article with much "gravitas" was published in the respectable Journal "Science". It contains information that all "intelligent investors" in FCSC-stock should read. It's excellent for it's eloquence, clarity and covers the real competitors in this space and most of all: free of pumping and marketing glitz.

    Skip the "pot-boiler",(payola marketing), type journals aimed at "housewives and working women" who can't afford the "extortionately expensive" $$4500 - $$7500 Laviv treatment.

    These women along with soccer Moms will balk at the "Extortionately $HIGH-PRICE$" coupled with: 11 to 22 weeks, WEEKS, and bolt for Allergan's Aesthetic Market leading Botox and Juvederm that will be delivered "on the spot" and make customers marvel at how beautiful and ultra-fabulous they look.

    And with their "$avings$$$" they can go Christmas shopping with their friends for "Louis Vuitton Bag, plus pay for a vacation on the Mexican Riviera or Maui, Hawaii" with all the money$$ they save by side-stepping the "extortionately expensive laviv".

    Just a rational voice here, mis amigos todos... happy investing and may the Markets winds be at your sails.

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