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  • dmesshian dmesshian Dec 1, 2011 11:52 AM Flag

    From Allure magazine

    Patience, once again you get to step to the "head of the class", pal.
    Stand your ground because your analysis and assessment of the marketing effort is "on the money".

    CEO Pernock stated categorically, that the "promotional effort in conjunction with the launch" will be a one year discount to all physicians once they receive FCSC's "training stamp of approval".
    It's like a "quid pro quo" -- if you will.
    Also revealing, was the information from the CEO himself, that "head count" was added to the manufacturing mix. If you have your "bean counter" hat on straight, you will realize that all this adds up, eh.

    Ergo, increase in head count, means: (payroll + benie$$$$) + (product delivered at manuf. cost, or below$$$$) = CA$H BURN-RATE increa$e in the neighborhood of $2.75 to $3.25 Million$$$$.

    I've worked on numerous product launches in the Biotech space and, in all honesty, Pernock's "marketing-promo-plan" is not unusual for a launch in an "intensely competitive" space like Facial Aesthetic.
    It takes time to launch a business and build product support structure within this sector because "The Phycians-customer" represent an important, if not, the main rung in the delivery and sale of the product to the end customer.

    You, mon/mes ami, are the "A" student in the "FCSC-Bear-trap".
    The question is why did YOU wait to be trapped before doing such excellent "DD"?
    Ay Madre! At least YOU have both eyes "wipe open" to ensure clarity of thought...
    Good luck to all...