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  • reid.rosenthal reid.rosenthal Dec 7, 2011 10:08 PM Flag

    For Spliff and other haters

    Even if FCSC fails as a company (I dont believe this to be the case) There is going to be another run up the minute their acne indication gets moving with the FDA and we all know its going to get approved. So either way people are going to make money on this if they buy it at these prices. The CEO thinks its a homerun as do I so I think we just go up from here.

    Spliff. We are all going to make money on this either way. How does that make you feel?

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    • Mssr. Reid,R, I hope you don't expect me to do DD for you and your "whole sad-sack-o'-dung-team", eh.
      The acne treatment -- if approved -- will not be a "block-buster game changer", pal.
      It will be, at most, another competing "chink in the armor" acne treatment, at it's best. So temper that enthusiasm, pal.

      Go and re-read the report on that study, and quit with the "selective attention".
      Use your brain, it is more than just a "hat rack", you kno', eh...
      YOUS' should quit betting on FCSC-stock, as if, you are gonna hit "a grand slammy", eh, 'cause what CEO Pernock has been trying to tell YOUS', is that it's gonna be "small ball" for the next few years, to give this FCSC-pup, a chance -- just a chance -- to even make it in lucrative market segments, dominated by the -- BIG DAWGS -- "high flying superstars", eh....

      All a' yawl' betting on "grand slammy" should've taken profits and ran for the hills upon FDA approval of laviv or, "cut your loses" like JK and Karen, eh.
      In yawls' greed for "the G-slammy", YOUS' mis-read the "trade signs" and got slaughtered on "the hold".
      'Cause at this stage of the game it's gonna be... slow go and flat lining, and hoping for no tilting to the "down side", eh...

      FCSC-stock chart__________________________________...~~~~


    • yea keep tellin urself this if it helps ya sleep better at nite pumper ahahahaahahahahahahaha bagholderz are great.

    • OK, Reid.R, I am sure there are no other acne treatments in the known universe and FCSC's proposed treatment will enjoy a "monopoly status", eh? Dream on folks!!
      Is this what you want potential FCSC investors to believe?
      WOW, You FCSC folks are such shameless purveyors of "Kool-Aid", sweetened with too much "corn-syrup" to mask the bitter after taste of... "overblown expectations".

      Dude, get real! The same -- Big Dawgs -- that rule the Aesthetic Facial "wrinkle filler" Market are the same "tough guys" that dominate the acne treatment market; and it will be just as competitive as the "facial wrinkle filler" space.
      So keep on pumping the "false expectations", pal.
      You folks are soo' hosed, eh...