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  • dmesshian dmesshian Mar 5, 2012 7:53 PM Flag

    Norman J. Pastorek, M.D. says forget about laviv

    ******Also, I dont trust any investment advice from someone who uses the word "Dawg"**********
    Very cute, however; it speaks volumes about your investing philosophy, amigo, or , lack thereof... eh?
    This has been a "wonder-full experience" here on this mssg board... so "FULL of WONDER"...

    "The Intelligent -- sophisticated -- Investor" knows intrinsically that, it's "sheer folly" to solely rely on "proper, dressed-up" language to find "winning" investing advice, pal.
    I would suggest that you stick to large cap stocks with a conservative bent, because you are way over your head dabbling in "penny-stocks", and extremely high risk plays, like FCSC where you will most likely "lose your shirt".

    Just don't rely on "dressed-up" words, pal -- the content of is way, WAY more important.
    Besides... "good manners and a sense of nobility are inherent qualities in all good men, and not restricted to those of high birth... - JF