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  • dmesshian dmesshian Mar 2, 2012 5:18 PM Flag

    my research

    Brilliant post Beaky!
    Laviv is a product that runs against evolution.
    Hear me out "my esteemed fellow individual investors":

    1 - Bovine Collagen was the original wrinkle filler and dominated for 20 years.
    - the problem with collagen is that it required a skin-test for "bovine allergy"
    2 - The arrival of "Hyaluronic-acid" required "no skin test", hence; no delay and mark the arrival speed and
    drive-through convenience. {PLUS... LOWER COST = SUPERIOR MOUSETRAP}
    - Bovine collagen began to lose market share to superior mouse trap

    3 - Laviv failed in Europe because -- as the Brits will tell ya' without a hint of hesitation: Laviv is "Extortionately Expensive" at $4500; $6500 or, $7500!!!
    It is a resounding loser at any cost!
    **** In seven years on the market in the U.K. it only manage to sell 6000 - 7000 procedures
    in competition with Zyderm/ Zyplast, Restylane, Juvederm, etc., etc. ... against all the BIG DAWGS
    it is currently competing against.
    Now that "battle ground" has shifted to the "home turf", U.S.A.
    Do YOUS' believe in miracles to eschew "evolution" and "superior mouse-traps"?

    This Aesthetic Market-place is based on speed, price and convenience of both: doctor-customers and patient-customers.
    -OVER-LOOK THIS FACTOID AT YOUR OWN PERIL... my esteemed fellow investors...