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  • dmesshian dmesshian Apr 3, 2012 7:28 PM Flag

    VERY, VERY Risky FCSC-Stock Folks

    Yeah, go back and listen to the CC, and run your stop-watch "your stopwatch" on the Secretary of Finance, Mssr. Declan Daley's presentation.
    I bet you it doesn't last longer 5 minutes.
    There is no cash inflows from FCSC operation.

    Not even Solyndra could run a business giving it's product away free.
    You eventually run out of "life blood" -- ca$h for any business.
    Make no mistake; yesterday's sell off was no happen-stance , my esteemed fellow investors.
    The CC was dominated by: promises, PROMISES, for a brighter tomorrow in 2013, 2014 and the great beyond.

    Aren't you all perceptive enough to figure out, that any company with two months of cash in the bank, and struggling to get "$25 million financing", is on life support?
    Yet, folks are piling in with gusto without any "critical thinking" that they are diving into a potential "shallow pool".

    So go ahead and celebrate this "relief rally". You are still down an "eye popping (-25%)", since Friday's close.
    In my opinion FCSC is at a minimum, wait and see, until the completion of financing, then evaluate the dilutive effects on FCSC stock.
    However; day-traders and penny pinchers can "go for broke" on these wild swings.
    What a "makingkaysh" opportunity! A "gift horse" for d-traders.
    Day-traders and shorts are in the cat bird seat in this carnival.

    *** By the way even a U.S. Gov., tax payer backed, "mega ca$h infusion", couldn't save Solyndra from BK.
    This is incalculable, "risky business" folks. I am trying to run a mathematical model, however; the calculations yield "logarithmic results" -- scary, very scary... alarming stuff...

    - Go figure.

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