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  • intutivetrendseeker intutivetrendseeker Jul 31, 2013 4:25 PM Flag

    FSBK remember this post?

    "You seem pretty intelligent. I need to learn more before saying anything else about Fibrocell because I'm making a fool of myself and creating an incorrect negative impression of the company.

    Let me say what I think is a good investment.. The electric car. But I don't know where to put the investment. One could invest in the electric car itself, or invest in a company developing the best lithium battery technology, or lithium mining stocks, or lithium itself.

    Companies are working very hard to improve the energy storage capacity of lithium batteries and the charging time as well. There could be breakthrough improvements coming.

    1. Investing in pure lithium itself: Some people say there is a virtually endless supply of lithium so the price of lithium can't go up substantially.

    2. Investing in lithium mining stocks: But since there's a never-ending supply of lithium as soon as a major lithium batter breakthrough comes along (300 miles on a single charge and a charge that takes 15 minutes or less) a lot of mining companies will switch to lithium production so competition could be fierce.

    3. Investing in the first breakthrough electric car (300 miles on a single charge and a charge that takes 15 minutes or less). But how to determine which company is going to be the first to produce such a car. Keep in mind that the car has to satisfy other customer demands such as being attractive, roomy, and safe.

    4. The company working on the most promising lithium battery improvements and can get that technology to market sooner than anyone else. There are lots of companies working on improving the lithium battery but how to determine which company will succeed first and get it to market first.

    Do you have any ideas about this? "

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    • Yes but I asked you for some help figuring how to invest in the coming electric car revolution and you completely ignored me. I'm sure you are investing in the coming electric car revolution or plan to so of course it would only help you to have other investors invest in the same investment because if more people invest in where you invest that pushes the value of your investment up but you completely ignored my request for discussion about this potential gold mine. You would rather your investments not go up if the only way your investments can go up is if I also get to make money off those investments. That's pretty mean.