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  • minick21 minick21 Apr 27, 2005 2:47 PM Flag

    Bush looks to hydrogen

    Bush sees hydrogen as a viable replacement to oil, siting the need to release US dependance on forign energy. CBC minutes ago

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    • I didn't hear anything on cbc or where ever you meant. All I read is that he is pushing nuclear and more refiners and government insurance if deals in nuclear.
      The S O B he is full of shit on hydrogen and alternatives. He is leading us into more or total dependence not independence. He will put us on the wrong track before he is done.
      Dame him.

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      • <All I read is that he is pushing nuclear and more refineries and Government insurance if deals in nuclear>

        And about time! The spike in gasoline prices is not due to shortages of crude or the price for that matter. Higher prices in gasoline are primarily due to shortages in REFINED fuels. Gasoline usage has gone through the roof and we havn't built any new refineries in the US in 35 Yrs. We need more refineries, (Bush gets an A+ here. Without the low cost power of nuclear power plants it is unlikely you will see large quantities of affordable hydrogen fuel in your lifetime. We havn't built any nuke power plants since 1978. Our power plants are 80% fossil fuel burners and 20% nuklear (the cleanest power source on the planet) We need more nuclear power. Bush gets an A+ here. Or would you prefer we keep burning fossil fuels to generate our power? <He will put us on the wrong track before he's done> Duhh, HELLO! We are already on the wrong track! We need to change! Bush gets an A+ here. In case you havn't heard, the election is over and like it or not Bush won by a majority vote. Just think, in the next election you might get to vote for the Clinton piggie or the motormouth from Massachusetts again, hell you might even get to vote for the unwashed obese pig that produced farenheight 911. FDR would be turning over in his grave if he knew what the Liberal Socialists creeps have done to his party. JMHO Bush gets an A+ here!

      • Yep,I read the article too, should have started many years ago...before Bush...has been over 30 years since the last refinery & nuclear plant, it's a band-aid fix....we need the same efforts and (money/per inflation) that was used for the nuclear bomb project in the 40's, as always...imoo.

    • Bush should look for a new job!

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