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  • reviresco_1999 reviresco_1999 Apr 28, 2005 8:12 AM Flag

    Bush looks to hydrogen

    With Bush we should get the refineries you want about the time the world runs out of oil, and the nuclear waste can go in your back yard. Real independence and leadership would have us developing Hydrogen energy for a real future and energy independence. FDR would have had an effort of developing hydrogen like he did with the development of the Atom bomb to end WW II.

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    • The president and vice president are looking to make their oil buddies rich instead of doing what's best for the country. Creating more nuclear waste is something the president and vice president don't care about, but $$ for his buds, whom the veep met with in secret, is a priority. Of course, they throw a few crumbs out for AE, such as hydrogen, and are paying lip service to it instead of making it a national imperative. Oil and nuclear are coequal in primacy. AE is a secondary afterthought for them. Their priorities are un-American, in my opinion. They are taking us backwards in time, as they have in civil rights, and other personal liberties. They are not progressive and forward thinking. They are causing the destruction of America, diverting education funds, health care funding, and entitlement programs for military use. What kind of crazy military budget do we have. It's a joke! If I were President, I'd slash the military budget and eliminate nuclear weapons from this planet.

      This far-right zealotry will be the fall of this country if left unchecked and allowed to fester.

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      • Hbieley: you've got all that exactly right, if understated...

        The only jackasses bigger than Bush and Cheney are those that voted for them

      • hbieley,

        I'm much in agreement with your political assessments. However, nuclear weapons need some examination. No other weapon has had the real effect of detering large-scale war. The leaders of both the Soviet Union and the United States realized the evolution of nuclear technology had reached such scales of destruction that war between nuclear powers was out of the question (leaders thought this--some in both militaries thought otherwise).

        I'm afraid if all nukes were eliminated, we would eventually find ourselves repeating larger regional conflicts--and dipping back into the nuclear library for the purpose of immediate use of nukes. The extent smaller countries adopt nuclear weapons for purposes of deterence, prestige or export is a much uglier aspect of nuclear power--likely, this is were things will go terribly wrong first.

        This administartions expressed intent to develop tactical bunker buster nukes is a whole new cat--these sorts of weapons are very likely to be used if the American public is sufficiently enraged by futher terrorist attacks.

      Am hoping we are making a bottom here, any wave count techs. here.

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