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  • hartcasse hartcasse Feb 22, 2013 7:52 PM Flag

    alpineanalytics, aq8, dgh10xx

    I plan to post a warning about unsupported claims about INTK's inner workings about once a month, just to keep some balance among the newbies that might stop by thinking the message board is a good place to learn about the company and its prospects. Paid bashers, ne'er do wells, and whiners should be called out so they can be recognized. I doubt you're paid bashers...especially dgh whose latest post is so disreputable it might actually step over the line into abuse or harassment.

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    • If ole stuie doesn' like my posts, I would welcome a lawsuit for libel, love to have my attorney put him on the stand and question him about a few things. Like the 15million dollar sale to mexico, the million dollars sale to saudi, the big sale to the state of alaska, the 2 billion dollar contract to a big insulation manufacturer, and quite a few others I could come up with if I wanted to waste the time. I have a 147k shares of this scam and would love to see some legal action against these thieves..

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