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  • tiger1three tiger1three Jul 8, 2008 11:27 AM Flag

    bought more @ 29.51

    I Just added another 1,000 shares. I can't believe how many attempts there has been to bring this stock down. Earnings will beat and hopefully we will start getting upgraded for a change.

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    • not a chance that earnings will beat.

      you all think disney lives in a bubble separate from the rest of the economy. food and fuel inflation are eating up discretionary income faster than a disney merchandise shop.

      you all are not paying attention to negative year over year comparisons in the film group, namely narnia vs. pirates.

      media networks are maxing out their profits but to much the same degree as last year. no growth here.

      and consumer products isnt muscular enough to move the stock other than when it put out its glowing press release just before staggs and braverman sold lots of stock at 35.

      where are the glowing press releases on the other businesses? why did iger refuse to answer the question about parks performance when he was on cnbc?

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      • "The theme parks posted a 5 percent rise in revenue and 3 percent gain in operating profit, driven by strong performances at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort Paris.

        Attendance dropped 1 percent at domestic parks, offset by a rise in average guest spending. Hotel occupancy at U.S. resorts dropped to 92 percent from 93 percent a year earlier."

        Those are the facts. DIS beat estimates, period. You can't spin your way around that.

        But ... what happened to our expert bluman?: "not a chance that earnings will beat.... food and fuel inflation are eating up discretionary income faster than a disney merchandise shop."

        Wow. That's about as wrong as you can be.

    • Stay the course, bought @$31,bought more @$29.39
      25 mil shares sold today,might have to hold to earnings at end of month for large move,this sector is oversold and will bounce back

    • Throwing good money after bad. It won't help

    • If you are not short nor long then you are just wasting cyber space. Now this is my last post for you. You have made it to my ignore list as well as some of your other alias.
      Asta la vista loser.

    • I think all you morons are trading on the 1.10% dividend HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
      and dont worry, I am not a short.. I just know the garbage who run this company into the ground..

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