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  • cheney_s_heart cheney_s_heart Jul 16, 2008 10:02 PM Flag

    bush Causes ECONOMY to TANK


    Like 9/11, it's all bush's fault.

    He's asleep at the wheel. STILL.

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    • if you are right, then he also deserves credit for the record stock market numbers during his terms, the very low unemployment numbers during his time in office, etc. etc.

      or is it your position that he only gets credit for bad things and that the good things are a result of your good karma in the universe?

      simplistic points of view like yours are what make me worry that our democracy is going to collapse under the weight of its collective ignorance.

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      • Man, talk about a horse with blinders on, Bluman, you really take the cake. Bush inherited a several hundred billion dollar budget surplus and squandered the entirety of it, sending the federal government back into the red, in a way that this nation has never seen before. He ran up the federal debt by $4 trillion, nearly doubling it. It's not complicated Bluman. Wake up! The senseless tax cuts for the wealthy, the war, the decline in the dollar....there is no separation here; all these things united to put us where we are today. This doesn't even address the lack of any meaningful energy policy. In 2002, he proposed a new focus on fuel cells, and yet proceeded to fund that focus with just $1.2 billion over the past five years....the same amount of money that we spend in Iraq in 3 days (Yes, we spend $1.2 in Iraq and Afghanistan every three days). Money out the window. You are a fool to defend George W. Bush.....a total fool.
        You know, I voted for Bush in 2001, but I was able to see my mistake after 2 years (it was a huge mistake). You need to remove your blinders.

    • Go back to school. The President has very little to do with the economy.

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