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  • omarthecarpetmerchant omarthecarpetmerchant Sep 13, 2008 12:13 AM Flag

    Charlie Gibson should be fired


    Another condascending media elite snob in the tank for Obama. Shameful.

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    • So, the fact that Palin didn't have a clue about foreign policy is Gibson's fault? The fact that she looked like a beauty pagent contestant answering serious questions is Gibson's fault? And so, if you like the candidate, the interviewer shouldn't ask hard questions, or pointed questions. Maybe he should have kept it to Hockey and Alaska's breath-taking views? And I now understand everyone in Alaska is ready to lead our country in foreign policy because you can see Russia from an Island in Alaska! I can't believe a Fox News reporter said it, McCain said it and Palin herself said it. McCain, the same old tired fear mongering Republican strategy. I certainly don't think our country is better off in any single aspect since 8 years ago, and if McCain is such a reformer, why didn't he champion one reform legislation in the Senate in the past 26 years that would have saved our economy. Spend spend spend Republicans, but don't tax us, let our great grandchildren worry about the debt. Well, its about to come due! Get the Republicans out!

    • THANK YOU for expressing one of the few sane opinions on this board. Makes me wonder if most of these redneck posters are the typical DIS stockholders or just plain bigots and idiots. It sure is a sad commentary about the ignorance in the good old USA which, if left to the Republicans, will be a pervasive solution to anyone challenging their short-sighted and self-serving policies.............

    • Gibson's interview with palin was terrible. This guy is a fake, bias, old man, who abc should can. I won't believe another thing abc broadcasts, gibson makes me puke, he is arrogant, dim witted, i will change channels every time i see him for the rest of my life, abc, fire this stodgy old rude, bad fart!

      mike bracey

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