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  • woodtree4 woodtree4 Sep 13, 2008 9:40 AM Flag

    Charlie Gibson should be fired

    Gibson's interview with palin was terrible. This guy is a fake, bias, old man, who abc should can. I won't believe another thing abc broadcasts, gibson makes me puke, he is arrogant, dim witted, i will change channels every time i see him for the rest of my life, abc, fire this stodgy old rude, bad fart!

    mike bracey

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    • I totally agree with everything you stated!!! and more! But, it will depend upon ABC ratings! MSNBC just fired two of their leading guys because their ratings were the lowest of all networks after the two national conventions! You might have noticed that because the polls showed more Democrats and Independents watch Fox News than any other single network, Obama interviewed with Bill O'Reilly! I was shocked to hear that Sarah was going to give her first national interview with ABC! I knew that was a mistake!

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      • MSNBC 'demoted' Miss Matthews and Keith Olberdork, didn't fire them.

        Even Ed Rendell (an exceptionally partisan Dumbocrat) stated that the MSNBC bias was embarrassingly obvious.

        I say 'Miss' Matthews because he admitted to having a 'tingly feeling' when Nobama speaks. That's objective? NO WAY!

        The polls are starting to reflect the public's waking up to the FACT that Nobama isn't qualified AND his policies are bad news for the country.

        Of course, we don't REALLY know what Nobama would DO if elected, since he seems to change his positions frequently. Like 'maybe hold off on the tax INCREASES if we are in a recession.' That's an ADMISSION that tax INCREASES are BAD FOR THE ECONOMY. Punish small business, LOSE JOBS!

        Same old Dumbocrat garbage, this time in a new guy who's WET BEHIND THE EARS!

        I agree with you that the 'interview' was bad for ABC News and Disney.

    • Ditto, In Spades,

      Why haven't they put Obama under the same microscope

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