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  • seetheglobalfuture seetheglobalfuture Mar 8, 2010 4:14 PM Flag



    we still have a huge real estate problem coming next month in the states, along with european cracks widening with huge job losses. My views as far as China, India, and Brazil remain nuetral, but i see the states stuck in the middle getting hurt by China, & the Indian economy. India i believe are bed buddies with China and no-one has been noticing. An economic repositioning is occuring whether we want to belive or not causing geopolitical problems very soon. People aren't going to spend here in the states all year for fear of job losses. the market usually sees how many months into future? PLEASE PREPARE YOUR FAMILIES>>>

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    • daleandersen Mar 10, 2010 4:35 PM Flag


      If I knew what is coming, I'd have be picking the winning lottery numbers, making the killer investments, and I'd probably have a different job title.

      Frankly, after reading some of your posts, I was hoping that you knew the way (please don't take what I just said as a slam or in jest -- I really do think your futuristic posts that indicate there is big trouble to come hold some merit)...

    • daleandersen Mar 10, 2010 1:59 PM Flag

      When it starts I'm probably going to sell all of my DIS and buy it back when it hits the $15-$16 range (bottom). Then I'll ride it up again.

    • so what. what does this have to do with Disney?

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      • Are you serious?

        The real estate decline has a whole lot to do with the recession and the fact that a year ago Disney stock dropped from the mid-30s to 15.

        If the economy takes two more hits from the real estate market -- three if you include the problems in commercial real estate -- you are looking at the very real possibility of a double dip recession including unemployment going up into the teens.

        Disney revenue will take it in the chops if that happens and the stock price will go down along with the rest of the market.

        Disney trades with the market, not against it.

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