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  • manylumen manylumen Dec 5, 2012 7:22 AM Flag

    news, entertainment the future starts now.

    Government and big business already using suggestion during sleep to influence key people, but the future is advertisement/suggestion to the sleeping consumer. Dream sale on now. dis and other entertainment and news manufacturers to make big profits. Dis and other industry leaders know the people can close their eyes but not their ears. What if they can't change the channel when the ads come on. like when they are sleeping and logic is suspended. dis and others know advertisement works and billions of profits are made thus, but the government and now industry wants the public and consumer under control. sleep tight, and remember when your alarm clock goes off in the morning you are to remember nothing of this conversation. not 100% but it works and i speak as a victim. Dis to make big profits as cheap electronics and sonic technology continues to proliferate and make all this more prevelant.

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    • you want to buy a pet rock, just what you really need. buy it at the mart the wall speaks to you. so camp out at the local distribution mart, make it a social event you want to do this you need to do this. etc. In the future more and more will be told whom to vote for during their sleep. the collective speaks to you is here now. Not to worry its going to be the legitimate voice in your head sanctioned by the government of the day. Dis is giong to profit well in this age of newspeak. "Do not attempt to control your set", there are know control knobs. The consumer and public are already more managed than they want to believe and more is coming. Free will is not being taken away its just being modified. dis is one of the leaders in the age of newspeak. follow and make profits. jmho

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