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  • pmcgd4 pmcgd4 Oct 30, 2013 9:25 AM Flag

    Dividend Increase

    It's time.

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    • It will be discussed at the Dec. Board meeting.

    • As a dividend focused investor, I'm actually going to disagree with you. Over the last several years, it seems Disney completed a series of shareholder enhancing deals that easily outweigh paying a higher dividend.
      If they can continue doing great deals like Marvel or Lucasfilm.

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      • Hi Ande....I can appreciate your POV here. Disney has pretty much been thought of more as a growth company and the dividend is something of a "throw in". But as an example: My cost basis for Disney is $8 which with a 75 cent dividend works out to nearly a 10% yield plus capital appreciation.

        As you stated in your are a dividend focused investor and that's fine. I think we'll see a dividend increase from .75 to .90 cents. Not bad..........but in place of a large dividend, you get capital appreciation.

        Then there is a stock like (for example) ATT which pays a nice dividend but has no where near the capital appreciation potential of Disney. (Full disclosure....I own this stock too).

        Each type of stock has its place in a balanced portfolio. My guess is that you probably own both types of stock but there is nothing wrong with wanting a company like Disney to increase their to you sir..........Philip

    • Patience....earnings are due on the 7th and the typical announcement date should be at the end of this month,

      stock usually goes x-d in December with the record date the following week. Then the dividend date is usually within 15 days after the first of January.

      I expect the dividend to be raised from 75 to 90 cents.

      Not bragging but have been an owner of Disney stock since the mid 1980s and so my instincts for this stock are usually pretty good.

      I've noticed some on this board calling for a stock split. Maybe/maybe not as stock splits have fallen "out of favor" but I can appreciate why people would want this: This is a "family" stock, purchased by parents/grandparents for their children. Why not make the price "family friendly?" I get that but you'll find that Disney has two distinct sides: The family side and then there is their "business side". Two completely different points of view.

      My opinion? Don't expect the split anytime soon but in the meantime....enjoy the buy recommendations which put the stock at or near $80-85 a share.

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