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  • PLanigan PLanigan Mar 10, 1998 1:48 PM Flag

    Want to read a great analysis of Disney'

    Come on Harry? Aren't you a man of your word? Or Neither? In a previous post you said you would apologize if I could show where you predicted the 1000 point plunge (somewhat like Clinton who never actually denies...just makes you find the truth!). I did, Where is the apology you promised?

    Or, were you just telling another lie?

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    • In post number 1156 you asked me to show where you said the amrket would drop 1000 points the first week of March (It didn't drop), you said so at 676 on IBM and 4197 on Microsoft.

      You said you would apologize if IU found it.

      You said it, you were wrong, you made me prove it, you said you would apologize, i proved where is the apology?

    • ...say the Dow would plunge 1000 points in the first week of don't know? Ahhhhh, just what we all though!

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      • For the third 676 on IBM's board and post 4197 on MSFT's........there is your proof Harry!

        By the way, are you denying you made those predictions?????

        It doesn't matter, you did, and you were wrong,,where's the apology you promised? Don't you keep promises?

        I do believe you were right on Disney dropping, though! Tough 50/50 call after what, a 25% run up?

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