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  • Global6969 Global6969 Mar 13, 1998 4:21 PM Flag

    Wolf, did you reverse your position ???


    What happened? DIS had a nice comeback, and ADGI $ BAAT further down the drain.

    Wolf Wolf ...

    Go Disney.

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    • Actually BAAT closed up another $0.02, but ADGI took a serious hit. Oh well, next week will be exciting in any event.
      BAAT has three more press releases expected with new info, and ADGI will probably continue to see much action. It's till a good time to get in either one. Think about it over the weekend and do a little research while you're at it -- you will definately see the potential I see. Gloat all you want about the chump change DIS got today, it took a hit overall this week.

      Have a good weekend -- not bad for a Friday the 13th... could've been a lot worse

      -BigBad "the voice of reason"

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      • Ummm, littlegood, didn't ADGI have a "major press release" before the market opened today? And it dropped, what, 30%? Try to understand that a press release doesn't necessarily mean the stock will go up. Especially when the company has a history of mis-leading releases (Didn't BAAT once cliam they were close to or had made a car run on water?)

        You are right though, the day could have been worse. We could have all invested in ADGI.

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