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  • BUYBEST1 BUYBEST1 Apr 4, 1999 10:33 AM Flag

    Quarterly Earnings ????

    This used to be a steady market favorite but I
    understand this last quarter is disappointing & this,
    coupled with the new annual dividend payment, might lead
    the faithful astray. Shareholder relations said the
    quarterly earnings report is usually out the second /third
    week after the end of this past month. Does anybody
    have any info as to the pos/neg earnings for the last
    quarter??? Poor performance here would account for several
    large blocks of stock being dumped by name investors &
    some portfolio managers.

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    • rder. This stock will take off.

    • new Animal Kindom is also getting swamped.

    • DIS has been coming up on expiration day many
      before and hasn't moved....why is this week
      any different?

      DIS will not move past 50 this
      entire year. I work for DIS
      and believe in it...L O N
      G Term...meaning 5 years plus.

      All this
      chatter about it getting ready to TAKE OFF and
      ABOARD is nonsense.....DIS has been lounging in
      30s for the past 12 months...if is does
      climb is not a crasy Internet
      We've been spoiled by them.

      Buy some covered
      calls and make some money on this


    • i'll sell my shares to you!!!!!!!!

      it is you who is clueless, and brainless too

    • disney is the greatest place on earth!! Buy disney!! is growing at a super pace, it will be bigger than yahoo!!
      disney is makeing big big money!!!
      billions!! Buy disney now!!!

    • I work at disney and live in the area, and my
      girlfriend works there also and business has never been
      better, the gift shops where she works cant keep the
      stores stocked, people are buying the stuff up like
      never before, and believe me attendance has never been
      busier, Disney will easily beat analyst earnings
      expectations be sure to buy Disney. youll be glad you did.

    • letsssss take advantage of thissssss down day and
      buy more, disssssney will sssssshortly be headed up
      with no ssssssstoping,

      dissssssney goes up to
      $110 or higher and sssssssplitsssss about every 2
      yearssssss looksssss like it may be up and sssssssspliting
      again by november.

    • @$750,000 price is right or is it just
      the fact
      Cyber real estate is worthless its all
      traffic reports look at
      what the Drudge report is
      today could a little name dropping
      help this site
      out? Disney pays .02 cents for a click on there banner
      and tham charges web sites to be listed on there
      search engine, so only profit driven sites will appear
      there. So do a search at disney to find where to spend
      your $$$
      you be the judge

    • People dump DIS , because it goes nowhere. As soon as it hits 35.5 I am outa here.

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