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  • gandy4 gandy4 Jun 15, 1999 9:39 AM Flag

    Tarzan vs George

    After the dismal failure to come of the Tarzan
    cartoon (gee...didn't somebody already do this as George
    of the Jungle?) the stock will probably go to about
    20, then possibly creep up to the current high by
    mid-2000. How could these guys do something so STUPID! How
    much did this glorified cartoon cost

    Regardless of DIS new age liberalism, which Walt would be
    thoroughly disgusted as most of us are (BTW, I am not a
    Baptist), the fundamentals are just not there for this
    stock to move anywhere but down.

    If DIS has
    anything brewing that could change this picture, I am not
    aware of it.

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    • There are a lot of you folks that are making
      statements about the Tarzan of the Jungle cartoon like
      they've seen it already.
      Apparently these people are
      insiders who have private screening rooms?

      live Walt. Too bad he wasn't frozen. If he was, and
      could be thawed out, he would be rolling in his grave
      over his legacy. Reminds me of Martin Luther King
      somehow ...

    • FinancialSolutionsWebcom FinancialSolutionsWebcom Jun 15, 1999 1:14 PM Flag

      From what I've heard Sports Group (SPGK) is going
      to pick up another $1 million in financing.
      should expediate their opening of 600+ stores world
      wide. Yes, by all means DD shows this to be a $5.00
      stock. It is just a matter of PR getting the word out.

      Well, look for Blackwell to start treating this company
      like a public company. A big PR push is coming. If all
      this pans out we should see up to $2.50 in a couple of
      weeks and the deserved $5.00 by the end of summer at
      the very least.

      With all the pullbacks in the
      net and tech stocks, this is a very real opportunity
      in an old fashioned retail type industry.


    • If you're a parent (especially of a boy) he can see Tarzan a million times and never get sick of it - it can't fail. DIS is long-term, kids and parents alike will always love Disney.

    • comparison. Just read the reviews by the critics. Look at what the kids are already wearing and playing with...Tarzan gear! Tarzan will be a significant hit for DIS!

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