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  • NJnut34 NJnut34 Aug 1, 2000 9:51 AM Flag


    please get rid of him
    makes me not want to watch monday night football
    is the game broadcast on radio
    this way i can lower volume on tv and turn the radio up
    let me know

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    • Was I the only one that noticed that Dennis
      Miller seemed doped to the gills?

      As I feared,
      he was unfunny and uneducated.

      Stiff and
      Scripted is what you get when he can't rely on his
      4-letter vocabulary...

      Wake up and smell the
      continued Ratings slide!

      Get rid of him!!!

      clearly unbiased (lol),


    • Miller was cracking himself up. He
      couldn'tdeliver his lines without laughing, I thought he was
      supposed to be a comedian.

      The game is usually
      broadcasted by CBS Sports on the radio, but there may be a 5
      second delay since it has to go a satellite (it depends
      on the radio station you are listening too and its
      wattage size)

      I am not saying bring back Boomer,
      but there had to be better choices than

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