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  • bluesbro007 bluesbro007 Oct 19, 2012 10:13 AM Flag

    Not Separated Yet?

    There is not a clear seperation plans yet? How many applications are still in Marriott Int that have not been moved? Is the compnay staffed for all of the new hostings? I see BIG spending that has not been reported yet...could be a huge issue

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    • Also...lowering head count?? How are they going to do that during a separation? Outsourcing?? Hasn't anyone figured out that doesn't work??? Look at IBM and others that have done it??? Customer service sucks!! Downhill is all I see

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      • Timeshare days are over. Gone are the days when people bought this financially "non sense" so called "pre pay your vacation" With people being more aware and careful with their money, I am hard pressed to say that it is not a sustainable model in long run. Again, this is my view point and might be very different from others view. That being said, I will be looking to see how this stock does after three years from the date of spinoff. I expect major management changes by 2015. This company still has lots of room for restructuring and head count reduction to make it a profitable company in long term. ( do not judge by what is happening now when MAR wrote off $1B to get this puppy ready for a spin off or else this would have been a BANKRUPT division) I hear from insider that there are still too many people and inefficient processes which needs attention. In all, this is another "bubble" stock with a management with proven record of running this company into a $1B write off. The only strength is the CFO who is a "no non sense" man appointed by MAR to get the house in order.

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