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  • bobbobwhite bobbobwhite Dec 8, 2008 1:19 PM Flag

    Have to be an occasional up day

    in the market to keep duped, hopeful longs in it and not selling out, as that keeps them thinking the market will turn around "any time".

    It will be years before anything good happens in the market, if it ever does again.

    Think about it and do some research, since 1870, if the market kept a steady climb, it should be at 6-7000 now. And, it will be back to those numbers before it ever gets to 14,700 again(maybe in 20 years?).

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    • Hi Bob,

      I am a new long in DEE. I have closed all other posistions and opened one in DEE. It looks to be a very solid pick for what is to come. I am in at 75 and will hold for much of 2009 if all goes well.

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      • After tiring of the wild swings of SKF (2x inverse financials)I looked for the best ETF to take advantage of the deflationary depression we are now in. DEE was clearly the strongest choice around.

        Investigate DEE's performance for the past year or any shorter period of time. Awesome and without the wild swings of so many inverse ETFs that go up when the market tanks.

        Any rational investor will buy ETF.

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