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  • not_a_short not_a_short Mar 27, 2002 5:00 PM Flag

    Housing up in Feb

    5+ % year over year. That is not a slowdown.


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    • Wrong again. BZH traded on PHLX, CMSE and BOSX.
      I would advise you get Level II and learn how to use it. I'm not going to repeat myself.
      BTW, that IS my yacht! Jealous?

      Homebuilders down on bond rate news today. Could not have foreseen that.

      Look for up turn next week as I said.

      The time to buy is when everyone else is telling you to sell. The time to sell is when everyone is hyping and pumping.

    • Here is a link for you. You can learn how NYSE works. You can also learn the difference between Market Maker and Floor specialist as well as why there are things like order imbalances at NYSE and never on NASDAQ. Please pay close attention to the difference between electronic matching (NASDAQ) and auction system (NYSE).

      The only other place where BZH sdhares trade is Chicago, which happened to have the same system as NYSE.

      Perhaps I am being redundant here but please allow me to say that there is no such thing as Level II for NYSE traded stocks. Level II is used only for NASDAQ stocks, it is real time electronic system which DOES NOT EXIST ON NYSE!!! NYSE trades AREN'T posted in real time, though the delay is minimal. That's why you get executions quated at 4:01, 4:02, 4:03.

      That's the reported time, not the time of execution.

      All of which leads me to believe that you don't have Level II, nor you know what it is. So you just wanted to look like a big important trader, rather like a penniless cheerleading shuck, and you thought that big important traders have Level II. Oh well. Just change your alias, plaster another boat out of a calendar into your profile, and come back swinging, swearing and antagonizing.

      Keep it up, my friend.

      bst rgrds

    • You're Yuri111 aren't you?
      Same person, different alias.
      Pretty cheap trick.
      That's why I place no value on the garbage that floats around these message boards.

    • You are truley pathetic, my friend. My first impression of you was absolutely correct. Go back to your school where you learned all about how the market works and ask your drunken professor about regional exchanges and DOT.

      Level II screens have some limitations for NYSE, that's true but, the time and sales screen is the exact same data that or Yahoo or any other quote service gets.

      I know how floor specialists work you pin head basher. The floor specialist IS the "market maker" for a NYSE stock but, he does not compete for public trades! That means millions and millions of NYSE shares traded every day outside of the floor specialists through regional exchanges. Now, I ask you (I'm wasting my time, it's much to valuable for this crap) how is that possible without electronic trading!!!!!!

      Enough said, I have money to make, I don't even own BZH, I just stopped by for a quick distraction. Good luck to all longs, all though no luck will be required here.

      I'll stop by next week Yuranus111 and rub it in your face when BZH is at 84.00

    • <<All transactions are processed electronically now, even on NYSE>>

      I knew you were a morom who would lie and lie and lie. My dear friend, do you know the difference between Market Maker and Floor Specialist?

      You get NASDAQ Level II quotes, that's what they are called "NASDAQ Level II quotes", which is the same thing a market maker gets, somewhere at Knight Trading.

      Floor Specialists, hold a freeking chair at NY stock exchange. There is actual floor. There is only ONE, read it again, ONE, floor specialist, for BZH shares.

      Brokerages have terminals at NYSE and from those terminals they WALK, listen to this again, they walk to the specialist with HAND WRITTEN TICKETS if they don't have immediate match or inventory. They crowd around him and they bargain, trying to get the best price, or it can be done very quietly, for the slow trading stock like BZH.

      The specialist is they guy with the biggest inventory of shares.

      Get this, my friend, there is only ONE floor specialist for DIS, and there are about 15 guys around him at any given time.

      Go back to school. I learned these things in 1990.

      bst rgrds

    • Wrong again, Level II shows real time quotes for ALL exchanges, not just NASDAQ. All transactions are processed electronically now, even on NYSE. How do you think they get real-time data???

    • Yuri:

      You commie short selling bashers can be very mean. Lighten up.

      the guru knows

    • your pall basaraj has level 2 screen for NYSE stocks, didn't you know. he also plans to trade this Friday.

      bst rgrds

    • 1) there is no trading this Friday, you, great trader
      2) there is no level 2 screen for NYSE stocks, you great trader
      3) 23,500 share were SOLD at the ask that was moved BELOW the closing ask of $79.45, you, great trader

      bst rgrds

    • basa, check live charts. The trade is clearly marked "late"

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