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  • tofu_heavy_industries tofu_heavy_industries Jun 10, 2002 3:42 PM Flag

    Yuri TXCC

    Down 10 cents again, time to double up.

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    • Bend over!

      bst rgrds

    • Yuri,

      Yea I guess reality is not your forte. Now you are a doctor and savvy investor? You are very delusional. I guess it was hard after coming out of the closet, where the propaganda has your mind in a irrevocable dream state.

      I do have to give you one thing thou. I thought it would be impossible for anyone to make more posts here than the interest rate guru. However you put him to shame.


      PS Keep smiling. Ignorance is really bliss.

    • stockspy,

      ask yuri what an "asylim" is. yuri says he got one...? ask him where he got it, and then, where did he put it...maybe this is his problem---he put it in the wrong place

    • tofu,

      Ask yuri---"Legend in my Own Mind and Grand Poobah and Guru (sorry, guru, no offense) On High For All Knowledge, specializing in Stock Market Consulting (fee negotiable)---if he knows about "catching falling knives" re his doubling down on TXCC, and check his hands for cuts, while you're at it...
      bc (not BC)

    • The honorable Charlie Chan is a world traveler based in Hong Kong. Charlie travels to the site of crimes that are unsolved by less worthy detectives. There has never been a crime that Charlie hasn't solved. Did you ever wonder why Gary Condit didn't say a word for 6 months after the murder? He knew that the body was laying in the park and that it could tie the murder to him! When enough time had gone by, so that he knew the body had degraded enough, he started talking. Condit goes to bed every night thanking God that the DC police are dumber that a short seller operator.

      The master was asked "And would it be right if a man were hated by all his neighbours?"

      The master said "No, It would be better if the good men of the neighbourhood liked him, and the bad men of the neighbourhood hated him".

      the Honorable Charlie Chan

    • I just saw the results of census. Out of 296 mln people living in USA only 20 mln consider themselves to be Americans. The rest like to say they are Italian Americans, Arab americans, etc.

      I am concerned, are you? Do you consider yourself to be Chinese American or American Chinese?

      Is America a democracy?

      bst rgrds

    • NATTY DREAD (album title) -by the Honorable Robert Nesta Marley



      it must HURT losing all that cash u MADE on SPAR on BZH !

    • Guru, this is why balanced portfolio is so important: for instance, TXCC is down 10 cents, BZH is down 3 dollars.

      Future --- BZH is down to book value of $45. TXCC is up to book value of $3.

      In the long run, Guru, Yuri always wins.

      bst rgrds

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      • guru,

        Explain percentage ratios to yuri; for all his apparent expertise and intellectuality, he evidently doesn't understand that because TXCC is only down .10 cents and BZH is down $3, that the percentages are almost 4 to 1; that is, percentage wise, TXCC is down 11% and BZH 3%. I'm sure you can communicate these elementary math equations to patient with him; he may not be a fast learner

    • No Guru, will double at $0.77 to 0.78.

      Bought at $0.98, doubled at $0.87 for 0.925 average. Will double as per above for $0.85 average and $1.02 target.

      Net cash value $ 1.60 - $ 2.00.

      Book value $3.00

      Take over value $4.50.

      bst rgrds

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