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  • TwoBlkDogs TwoBlkDogs Oct 28, 2002 8:17 AM Flag

    BZH will see the 70's today. IMO


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    • Stef,

      I wasn't criticizing you, I wuz just quoting an old song from the 60's. The games are the stock games (up yesterday, down today) and the "people" are the Big Boys. No, I wuz not accusing you of being a "Big Boy," nor would I claim to be one myself.

      We are like minnows swimming among whales, and it's a dangerous ocean.

      Stay cool,


    • KB further explanation.

      I at present have a large chunk of MTH which I have no intention of selling at today's prices. However I did buy some extra not so long ago in the $40 range. I intended to sell it today at 41, but then changed my mind when I saw that it was moving up nicely and the S&P was also going up. I changed my price to 41.25 and missed the boat.

      Now I think MTH is cheap at 41 and would recommend buying at that price, but will try to sell some of my holdings to free up cash for other projects. Does that mean that I don't mean what I say?

      I did the same sort of thing with BZH, which I also own a fair chunk of and have no intention of selling. However I picked up some at a good price 2 days ago, and sold it yesterday at a small profit, but I still think BZH is incredibly cheap.

    • KB you hurt my feelings. I never say what I don't mean

    • Oh the games people play now
      Every night and every day now
      Never meaning what they say now
      Never saying what they mean.


    • KB Yes I do tend to hang on to my core holdings for a long time. However I like a little action too, so I trade, on margin generally, in a relatively small way. My main problem at the moment, re trading, is that I can't sell when I should, because I keep thinking that these undervalued builders are going to zoom up suddenly, and I'll miss the boat!

      Good luck

    • Yeah, I could be wrong, but you have to remember, always, what makes a market: it is buyers and sellers. You also have to remember that where money is involved, people get very creative, in fact, they'll do almost anything to get an edge. I merely posited a very easy way for the Big Boys to continually extract $$$ from normal punters.

      <<I nearly always buy on a falling market, and sell on a rising one, because I buy when the stock drops to a level I consider too low, and sell when it rises too high.>>

      This is very odd, because I thought you were in the absolute value, hold over time school of investing. Sounds to me like you're nothing more than a trader. :^-)

      Btw, it looks like the boys want to take (or: will let) this one down this morning, after a tiny little head fake up.


    • If the profits are there (and they are), the price has to go up eventually.

      Perhaps, though I don't believe it, it may be possible to manipulate prices on a very short term basis, but it's impossible to do so over the long haul.

      Time to buy

    • A fun theory, but I don't believe it.

      You can only push prices up by buying, and then make money by selling at the higher price. Problem with that is you only catch the idiots who believe prices have momentum, and buy when they see prices going up, and vice versa. I nearly always buy on a falling market, and sell on a rising one, because I buy when the stock drops to a level I consider too low, and sell when it rises too high.

      I just don't believe your conspiricy theory.

    • "But seriously, it seems that we will get another rate cut next week. Together with a few good sales and earnings reports, the HB's could really go up."

      Have you considerd how the market will react to this sector should there not be a rate cut? It will start the ball rolling ..... down hill. This is a good exit point for longs. They are almost telegraphing it to you. The price isn't consolidating at this level and there is no support for moving it higher. Most of the insiders are out for now too. The big price swings the past few days were used to take out as many stops on both sides of the equation as possible. Once the specialist feels he has done as much damage as he can do, he will let it run it's course and that is usually down in a bear market.

    • It's like a war going on between the bulls and the bears. Same type of action went on at these levels back in mid to late august (between aprox. 64-69). It ran too far too fast. There is confusion in the market, except for those hedgies (Kodiakbull's asessment of who runs these things) those guys know what they're up to.

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