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  • tooltime469 tooltime469 Nov 19, 2005 2:33 AM Flag

    Just wait till November housing


    And I agree with the poster that said psychology drives the market. Home sellers are beginning to lower there prices to sell, And as the rates go up and there are less buyers this will feed on itself the same way this short squeeze did today. If you need proof of how powerful psychology can be on a market look no further than BZH today. Well that works in both directions as well as real state and all commodities markets. My analysis leads me to the belief that the housing markt went up to high to fast for reasons that are akin to a perfect storm theory of events that came together. 60 year low interest rates being one of them,tech bubble being another, and the belief that if you did not buy now you would pay more if you waited. The realtors had a hand in this last one. They sold people on the belief that real estate is somehow special as an investment because there not making any more of it. In the end they will all realize that if your paying a 500,000 dollar mortgage on a 350,000 dollar house you still lost 150,000 dollars. It will look alot like a short squeeze when there ARM monthly payment goes up 30% from where they purchased. What do you think they will do if there making high monthly no money down mortgage payments on a house that is worth less than the mortgage. They will walk away in droves and cover there losses and live with the bad credit rating. tOOL

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