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  • LubyM LubyM May 25, 1999 3:42 PM Flag

    Beazer Not the Best like they claim

    I would hope someone from Beazer reads this. I
    moved into my Beazer home on March 31, 1999 and I am
    still waiting for the repairs from my walk thru to be
    complete. I have tried calling everyone and any one I can.
    Beazer does not care after they have your money. Want to
    buy a Beazer Home talk to the People who own one

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    • I am sending this e-mail to vent my
      I am trying to buy a home from your company, but
      apparently communication between your sales force and
      corporate is so poor that your sales rep does not know what
      they can sell.

      In the past week I have tried
      again and again to build a house on the last 2
      remaining basement lots in Wynfield Estates..
      a week ago
      I was informed that 2 were available, Then a day
      later I was told that one had been slated by corporate
      to have another house on it, and that it could not
      be changed (Im okay with this at this point, I
      understand) I was told that one lot remained and that it
      would have to be a front entry garage, but we could
      build the Driscol on that lot. Today almost a week
      later I was told that the lot was released on June 30
      by corporate to be a Buckingham and that we couldnt
      builde there either.

      I wasted a lot if time and
      effort to justify buying a house, (ie: planning
      budgeting etc) only to find out that we never could have
      even built the house in the first place..
      this is
      horrible communication with your field, right in your
      company's own backyard..How can you run a business this

      I can't consider investing in a company that is run
      this poorly.
      all others beware!!!!

    • ALWAYS make them do the repairs after the
      walk-though BEFORE you sign away. It wouldn't hurt to have a
      Realtor on your side either. All builders are the same.
      Don't sign until they do ALL repairs.

      There must
      be some sort of governing body you can file a
      complaint with. You can call the local television station
      to do a human interest story. Tell them you will
      start spreading the bad news if it is not fixed ASAP -
      including but not limited to a blurb in your Christmas
      cards, letters to the editor, telling everyone you know
      - especially the media. Find their fax number also
      - fax them every single day. Toner is expensive so
      send them a hudge list (several pages) of the crap
      they need to fix.

      Contact your mortgage
      company. They problably own the broker who originated your
      loan, don't mess with them at all - They get paid by
      the builder one way or another. Contact your loan
      servicer - who you make the payments to now! Tell them
      your house is not complete and you may move out and
      you won't be able to make the

      Contact FHA if you have an FHA loan, the VA if you have a
      VA loan, or Fannie Mae if they were the secondary,
      Freddie Mac if they were. They can have them CUT OFF from
      fundings. FHA can shut them down if they are FHA

      Lenders finding out homes are not being completed will go
      nuts, and possibly stop fundings. Builders snap to
      attention when lenders threaton this type of

      One other place to contact is the municipal housing
      authority, they can walk in with injunctions and stuff like

      I work at a mortgage company, and our branch
      manager sold his soul to the builder from their loans. He
      currently has no soul.

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