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  • kbhc_1999 kbhc_1999 Jan 18, 2000 12:40 AM Flag

    Home Owners Wanted

    We at the National Alliance Against Construction
    Defects(NAACD)Homeowners would like to here your stories and about any
    future problems. Join us at the National Alliance
    Against Construction Defects(NAACD)Complaints Forum at

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    • Am planning to go heavier into homebuilding
      stocks. Got one now, WHI. BZH looks to me like one of the
      3 or 4 other best values.
      However, I do notice
      that they got a below average rating in the JD Power
      Phoenix survey. I wish they showed the point score- but
      they only show it for the above average ones. If they
      scored a 98-99, then I would figure no big deal. And, I
      believe I saw a few complaints about them on old posts on
      this board, although you always have to take those
      with a grain of salt.

      Any additional opinions
      on the quality of BZH homes?

      To me the
      strong points on BZH are an extremely low PSR of 0.11,
      and big revenue growth from 98 to 99.

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      • As one of the many who have experienced the poor
        communication, workmanship, and a general lack of empathy from
        the Beazer community, I would strongly suggest you
        look elsewhere. As one of their customers, I have seen
        deadlines go before quality, homes built up on substandard
        slabs, inadequate patchwork to mask bigger problems and
        general mismanagement. One of the homes in my
        subdivision, which had reached frame, full plumbing and
        electrical, with roof shingled windows in etc, was determined
        to have an inadequate foundation. 4-5 weeks of
        manpower, cranes, etc went into dismantling this rather
        small (1900 sf) home in a manner in which the wood
        framing could potentially be reused . The house was
        originally framed inside of a week.
        Points being:
        was obvious that the home should not have been built
        on this slab, but construction continued nonetheless

        Was any money actually realized by enlisting the
        large amount of manpower and equipment for an extended
        time to " save the wood" rather than scrapping and
        starting over. Closing on this house will easily be pushed
        back two quarters.

        Does this sound like
        intelligent business?

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