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  • rmnew2fl rmnew2fl Jun 30, 2011 4:05 PM Flag

    Any news?


    Anyone have any updates? This board has really got dead. Appreciate any news or update.Thanks

    This topic is deleted.
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    • update is hang onto your shares..... all this company needs to do is post a profit for a single quarter and the shares will finally be poised to really start moving..... investors are still seeing this company as enterra, as a turnaround play but once they post a profit and can show investors they can finally start moving fwd profitably, the shares will spike;

      the amount of chatter about the mississipian formation is really getting bullish, this company's reserves are underbooked at all locations imho and lots of exploration upside make equal one of the cheapest o@g stocks to own;

      i am still buy at current levels, imho, 10$ is a certainty so great risk/return at current levels;


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      • Peterber- I hope for your sake you're right. Dormie18 drove everyone off this message site with her personal invectives. She called Don Klapco, our beloved CEO, a "weasel". I forget now what she called me months ago because I correctly pointed out what a mess EQU had gotten itself into in the Petroflow bankruptcy. Now that the bankruptcy has pretty much resolved itself as between EQU and Petroflow, EQU has ended up pretty much where ENT was before it went into its demise- more units issued and incurring debt beyond its meager ability to service the interest obligation. I still own a lot of shares of Petroflow which, at the end of the day, you will come to understand won the bankruptcy war. Just my humble thoughts but I thought I should share them since I agree with you this message board is "DEAD".