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  • tedtouri tedtouri Apr 19, 2012 4:52 AM Flag

    THROW the CEO & the board OUT NOW

    Folks, I urge all to NOT give any further credit to the CEO primarily. He should go to work elsewhere TOMORROW. A trash collector in the streets of Toronto or Calgary? why not ? Based on his past actions in EQU, he does not deserve more than 10,000 $ ANNUALLY imo.

    Do not bite the bait and his recent friendly approach towards some shareholders. This is a very tricky behavior and the shareholders must not bite the bait. This is a trap.

    The ceo seems to cooperate NOW just because he and all the board members WANT YOUR VOTE for one more year to keep receiving their high bonuses, salaries, options ON YOUR BACK. Typical diplomatic behavior. These board members are like several incompetent politicians. They think they talk to idiots. They do not seem willing to change one single thing to grow the company.


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