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  • logantrader1960 logantrader1960 Feb 15, 2013 9:55 AM Flag

    Insiders are buying

    On the open market!

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    • Looks like they are nibbling at it a little more.

      Feb 28, 2013 CHIMAHUSKY JOHN S.Officer 177 Direct Purchase at $3.22 per share. 569
      Feb 28, 2013 KLAPKO DONALD Officer 1,584 Direct Purchase at $3.32 per share. 5,258
      Feb 28, 2013 CHAPMAN PERCYOfficer 1,063 Direct Purchase at $3.32 per share. 3,529
      Feb 28, 2013 SMALLING SCOTTOfficer 109 Direct Purchase at $3.22 per share. 350

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      • well, at least we know the shares are worth at least $3.32.
        at some point there WILL be a legal action against the officers and BOD.
        generally they are protected financially and legally in such actions for
        negligence and breach of Fiduciary Duties via insurance policies owned
        and paid for by the Company; they ARE NOT however,covered for
        any portions of a legal action for allegations of FRAUD and
        MISREPRESENTATION and are personally liable. TRUST me, with the
        shenanigans over the last few years good trial attorneys will catch up
        with this crowd.
        these type lawsuits are usually initiated at the time of a proposed sale
        or other type of dissolution when these bird try to cash in on all the "free
        shares" they have accumulated.

        Sentiment: Hold

    • You might want to check the volume of their trades. This is not buying - it's window dressing.