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  • Jan 17, 2012 7:00 PM Flag

    The Pictures

    Ill say this ... its obvious youre full of hope, which is very sketchy where youre money is concerned, However ... if I had skin cancer, I would be busting down doors to find anything that is even rumored to work in order to stay our of chemo.

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    • No need for rumors when there is hard evidence of pictures coupled with physician documentation...

    • With pictures and over 2,000 years of this being used to extract tumors the only thing to hope for is the mass amount of ignorance to be cured... Cannabis extract as the cure for various types of cancer is true, would you believe your government over your own eyes???

      There are so many pictures of cannabis extract curing various forms skin cancers it is actually absurd there are still people who don't believe...

      I really don't even know what you mean about me being full of hope. Hope in what regard?

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      • The question isn't whether or not there's tremendous medicinal value hidden behind a smokescreen of hippie, reggae and hip hop counter culture. Utah state Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, a crack down Mormon Utah drug and polygamy czar recently went on record stating that he would support med mmj having seen the benefits it affords to cancer patients. Never would a political Mormon ever admit such a politically suicidal belief, ever ... Even if it was true!

        However we aren't here talking as apart of a political advocacy group, or as medical professionals looking into research ... Were here to back a horse to make a buck. No doubt you want to see people benefit from Mmj for it's health benefits, but Cbis only benefits from your share buying if they sell unregistered shares into the float to suck out mkt cap.

        Does CBIS have the business sense to bring product to mkt en-masse? It seems that is what you're hoping for. Great action on Cbis today, on the pull back slot of that is going to spill into ERBB, which worries me as those aren't going to be studious long holders but green eyed greedy profit takers who might probably just pump and dump shares as pennyntraders always do.

        ERBB however ... Has some serious biz on the stove, slow and steady, tick by tick. Hoping nothing happens too fast, is what I'm hoping for.

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