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  • dawnluvsgm dawnluvsgm Jun 16, 2009 10:44 PM Flag


    Why don't all you losers on this board try getting a job to start off with. Most of you are just out of high school or are in your 20's and most likely live in your mom's basements and post all day for you are out of work.

    Web he is another case, most likely he is some type of social experiment (like a lab rat). What happens to a human that post day and night bashing GM for years. Can this type of person function in society?

    Most of you are daytraders trying to make a buck or two and spreading false rumors about GM. Quality is not an issue, go drive a Cadillac or Buick, they are on par with other foreign makes.

    All this Union bashing makes me sick, they are not the entire cause of GM's problems. Management can lay blame, also the banking crisis added to the mess last year.

    Most of you have mental problems, and have insecurity problems, and like to vent out at the UAW for your shortfalls in life.

    Just remember UAW and GM workers are Americans also. They have famiies and are hard working Americans.

    I am not UAW either!!!

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    • You re right sir
      those are rush l fans that while in power ruined this country and all of a sudden now they got a plan.
      to ruin this country even more

    • Well said ! I agree, most of the blame is on the hands of management. Union took what they could get, management allowed it to happen.

    • So, What's your point?

    • You are one of the americans who are so clueless...There really is no hope for you. Let me guess...You think the government should be in control of everything. The government should take money from the rich exec (who of course stole it) and give it to the poor people (who of course just can't catch a break). You should move to CUBA.

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      • <<<"...You think the government should be in control of everything. The government should take money from the rich exec (who of course stole it) and give it to the poor people (who of course just can't catch a break).">>>

        When the exec is compensated 300 to 400 times that of the average worker, I realize that the current execs can no longer be trusted to run anything.

        They can even be compensated in that fashion when they run the company into b/k!

        If you woke up to what was going on around you, you might realize this.

        But you don't even want to hear what is going on (i. e. "Curious George"), you'd rather keep your head in the sand and be bliss in your ignorance!
        <<<"You should move to CUBA.">>>

        You should try and make me!!!

      • Everything is somebody else's fault, eh?

        You want a company to build a quality vehicle that everyone can afford, that pays an American wage to everybody at the company, along with health insurance and pensions, and you want the company to be profitable on top of that????

        It just doesn't work that way. It never has and it never will.

        Either you make crap and pay your employees well, or you make a quality product and you pay your employees peanuts, or you make a great product and pay your employees enough to live in America and you charge a price for your product that makes it only available to the rich... You can't have it all. Business doesnt work that way. It never has, and it never will unless Americans are willing to accept a standard of living that looks more like China's, or accept that cars are too expensive for the average person to be able to afford one.

    • Curious George you are starting to piss me off!!

    • Curious George is really wearing me down with his continous speeches. I truly believe he just pauses from one day to the next and then continues with another speech. OKAY...WE GOT IT...You can read a tele-prompter. Yeah, you are good at it. Now shut the F up...Give us a day w/o you in the media or socialist press. please...i beg you!!

    • You are absolutly correct dear. By the way. What kind of moisturizer do rub on your husband's scrotum so it doesn't hurt your tounge when you lick it?

    • Dawn

      Don't waste your time trying to convince these people. I used to post quite a bit and finally concluded that most of the people on this board are pathetic, lonely people who, tragically have nothing else to do.

      I still stop by once in a while just to see if the cast of characters is the same. Many are.

      Trust me, your time can be better spent.

    • The two biggest products for Government Motors are the Crapillac and the Cadicrap. Which do you drive you liberal loving idiot?

    • If anyone would have listened to my bashing years ago, there would be more to redistribute. Automated production would be churning out cheap high-quality products that last forever, and when we have enough we shut off the factories. The sociophiles would urn their money figuring out honest redistribution schemes. Instead, everyone wanted to fight against and wreck something for social justice- now you have a bunch of manipulative puffed up brats who fought against automation for the sake of making heroes. The sociophiles created an ego bubble, not sustainable growth and satiation. Like the real estate bubble, where curb appeal was more important than the local economy, fine corinthian leather tampons with lipstick are still bloody tampons. Eventually accounting laws give way to economic realities and the tampons on the books go to zero.

      all praise the tampons.

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      • what is even funnier is that no one has lurned anything, the market is still better for tampon praisers that critical thinkers. The CIA wants to hire former financial people to understand the world, and former mortgage brokers are being hired as credit counsellors. Watson is in the gulag and Henry Ford is equally unemplouyable. And so the death spiral continues as sociophiles take from and demonize the producers.

        All praise the tampons of high self-esteem.

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