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  • sfbizman2002 sfbizman2002 Aug 20, 2009 12:05 PM Flag

    Options only drives price

    ok lets take these one at a time.
    1) much of the volume is daytrading, scalping whatever you want to call it, but alsio guys playing the get long, buy an option lend out for 99% rebate, vs. sell short pay 99% hope it trades down before say may of 2010. The market is not about it going to zero (its going to zero) the mkt is about WHEN is it going to zero.
    2) hedge funds make brokers pass thru neg rebate, unfortunaltley retail schmucks dont get that. every prime broker will pass thru the rebate.
    3) when long stock gets dunmped, (550 million does not happen all at once) it is bouight by someone who then lends it out at 99% rebate to short sellers playing that it wont make it until May or JUne of 2010.

    by the way i agree with the shoert sellers, it will trade down from here back to 40c in a few weeks. stock is a short even if you pay the 99%.