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  • shelbytownship shelbytownship Jan 1, 2010 10:56 PM Flag

    My GM Year End ~ Scorecard

    Ok for the most part I have to give credit to Gm, seems like they are moving in the right direction into the new year 2010.


    Keeping the 4 core brands seems to make since to me. Excess baggage from Pontiac, Hummer and Saturn are now gone.

    Not selling Opel was also a smart move they made. Seems a lot of GM best design are coming out of Europe. Also, need Opel to make them a true Global presence.

    Bankruptcy was good in my opinion, should of went further, although.

    China is a huge bright spot for GM. Future global sales will be in China, the US market has peeked. Hope they build many factories over their to keep up with the new China consumer growth.

    New product line in the coming years looks strong, along with current product line.


    GM still is being boycotted by some, for the taxpayer bailout, think they need to issue new stock as fast as possible and pay back the remaining loans.

    Bankruptcy was not done right, should off went further and deeper with cuts to healthcare and UAW and management.

    The early retirement bonuses to the UAW and the number of years that they worked were way to generous. I think it made a lot of Americans mad.

    Sadly bankruptcy of GM is being viewed as quality issues at GM when Ford just had the right CEO at the right time. My opinion many of the parts that GM outsources are from the same companies that build Ford parts. So GM and Ford quality should be the same. Although, I know Ford is above them with some vehicles and vice versa. Ford edges them out right now by just a little in my opinion in quality. Although, I can't say for sure for I haven't own a GM vehicle recently. It just like you have the crazed Chevy versus Ford rival.

    I think they should shake up management even more and deeper, get rid of the old and in with the new. Need a new culture at GM. Also, move GM headquarters out of Michigan was an earlier thought I had, although maybe it does not make since now.

    I use to think UAW was the blame for the GM demise, although when I read more and more news, seems like GM management had their heads up their asses along with their accounting department.

    Any thoughts???

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    • agreed--!!!!

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      • GM mamagement surely did have their heads up their asses.
        NO doubt bout that.

        I, ME, persoanlly could have run GM better.

        Their designs were terrible, and I have a beleif that most car sales come down as much to as what a car looks like as anything else.

        Quality wasnt good,,,but hopefully getting better.

        having said all the the UAW is a complete cancer, as was mentioned by a previous poster.
        If GM could get out from under the UAW completely their future would be better.

        First they made ludicrous demands,,,,weak management caved in over and over, and these costs burdened the company into bankruptcy,,,,,,and OBAMA the socialist that he is, punished the bondholders..( evil speculators )...and gave a sweetheart deal to the poor working UAW members, at my expense.

        Personally i WILL NEVER invest in any company that is heavily unionized again.....and I know many lenders/investors feel the same way.