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  • webuchadnezzar webuchadnezzar May 29, 2010 11:35 AM Flag

    Who cares about clones? Not me


    Hey folks,

    I think we Yahoo posters, when we don't like what we're reading from our opponents, have a chronic temptation to assume that multiple opponents are the same guy.

    When two or more folks take a position we disagree with, it is naturally tempting for us, and comforting in a way, if we can group those aliases together, and convince ourselves they are just one isolated crackpot.

    That's because it's disconcerting for us to consider that maybe more than one person thinks we are wrong.

    In the context of the current argument, I don't think df and wngr are the same folks...not even close. It's happened to me as well. I've been accused of being several different ID's myself...several times... and all those posters were mistaken, since I only post as webuchadnezzar on this board.

    The one that really cracks me up is where people think I'm MAllen. Anyone who made that accusation, just because we both saw GM's bankruptcy coming, demonstrated a severe lack of attention to detail.

    MAllen knows a lot about car dealerships. He's retired. Also, he is from Turkey, and English is at least his second language. Thus, if he makes a typo, it's not because he's uneducated; how good are you at your second language? Oh, don't have one? Well, then it takes guts to poke fun at MAllen for his grammar.

    As for me, I know squat about dealers, or how dealers deal with GM. I don't know upper-echelon GM mgt personally. I've lived in Europe, but not Turkey. I know some German, but very little Arabic. English is my native tongue, so I ought to be good at it, and I am.

    But I'm not MAllen, and people who assume I am amuse me greatly.

    The point is, presuming two aliases are the same person might make you feel good, but it's a pointless waste of time. You're probably not correct, and even if you were, even a person with multiple IDs might still have a it might be more useful to argue the point instead of challenging the validity of the poster.


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