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  • MAllen1998 MAllen1998 Sep 23, 2010 1:02 PM Flag

    Autoworkers fired for drinking on the job!

    Sounds like something I would be accused of making up.

    With these UAW members being upstanding citizens and all..


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    • Let's see how much dumber you have gotten since yesterday.

      "Never, now you have me confused with your B board Friends"
      NO, I DON'T. Posters on boards are not friends.. I am not as hard up as you to call everyone a friend.That is what happenes when you HVAE no friends.

      Here is the post putting you on IGNORE. You really don't remember, do you? DEMENTIA!
      Re: There is no crime in not being gifted MAllen 22-Aug-10 05:18 pm Another racist anti- Hispanic post from the old maggot bigot himself..

      Based on the formatting,spelling, here is another post he did NOT write himself.

      I am going to have to put him on IGNORE for
      CAPS LOCK violation..

      You know the rules John.

      You post all in CAPS, you go on IGNORE..
      No ifs no buts..

      I'll let others beat up on you for a while..

      When I am bored and have some extra time to kick the crap out of you, I will take you of IGNORE..

      Until then go play with others whom you have not bored to tears yet!

      Do you remember NOW?

      Don't make me pull up the Bbbaricks posts too. It will make you look very foolish!

      ANything else I can do for you you feeble POS?

    • <<Old man,
      I TOLD you I put you on IGNORE because you posted something using ALL CAPS!

      Never, now you have me confused with your BP board Friends.

      <<After Bubba pfhucked you up, I told you you were off IGNORE.

      Yes I caught your Bubba alias. God only how many more you have loser. Go outside and walk to get some of the stink off.

    • "You are a pitiful POS who likes to be abused and I am more than willing to oblige.."-Marllen 2010

      Sirtoyopet says ditto to Marllen, he is a pitifurl POS.

    • Old man,
      I TOLD you I put you on IGNORE because you posted something using ALL CAPS!

      After Bubba pfhucked you up, I told you you were off IGNORE.

      If you want some conversations about YOU, you are doing good. The truth is ONLY reason I even bother posting to you or about you is (like other people have told you), just to bully you around, beat you up, and humiliate you..
      Nothing more nothing less..

      So, don't let it go to your head that I pay you any attention. It is not done for YOUR benefit, it is only for my entertainment.

      Who is it that is doing the "hitting back"? YOU?


      You are a pitiful POS who likes to be abused and I am more than willing to oblige..
      Now go phufuck yourself..

    • Do you really use a power chair?

    • "You just can't let a day go by without getting your daily humiliation, can you?"-Marllen2010

      Neither can you Marllen.

      "When I drank at lunch it was on company expense and tax deductible."-Marllen 2010

      So Marllen drank on the job and billed it both to his emprloyer and the taxpayer.

      "As for my boss, he was happy enough with my work for 25 years, he let me retire"-Marllen 2010

      Oh so he rlet you retire, thats a crock, he finarlly did an audit and found out you were drinking and posting on the job.

      "I WAS the boss you low life.."-Marllen 2010

      Werll Marllen then who was the "boss" that ret you retire. You were a manager, not THE boss, as you did not have YOUR name on the incorporation papers, you were a mere emprloyee-just the same as the janitor. I guess that they didn't teach business at that French high schoorl you attended.

      "Like I said in an earlier thread, your dementia will allow you to make up your own reality"-Marllen 2010

      It apprlies in your case too Tampa Turd.

    • For as much Hate my Florida Friend has for me. Why does he read my post? He told the board he has me on Ignore, but reads them,or how else would he know what was in them. The funny thing most are cut & Past so their someone else words. He is the person that LOVES to Dish it Out, but a VERY poor loser when someone hits back.

      <<You stupid old useless sack of sheet! >>

    • And you think BECAUSE the managers, executives can have a three martini lunch, so should the factory workers?

      The reason managers don't brown bag martinis is because they are managers.

      None of my sales people were allowed to drink during their shift. I have been in many lunch meetings where wine was served and cocktails were drank..
      So what?

    • Yup, Chrysler workers...

    • And..., you can't fire them.

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