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  • rpm2nv1 rpm2nv1 Dec 4, 2010 5:19 PM Flag

    What will Happen to our shares?

    Anyone know what will happen to our shares here at MTLQQ wil it convert into GM symbol? Or is it garbage is there a plan?

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    • "What will Happen to our shares?"
      Not much more than what has already happened!

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    • My opinion on this matter is the Wall Street short sellers sold you gm ticker symbols on the open market, now mtlqq ticker symbols. The short sellers got the money into their accounts, now they must buy back the old gm, now mtlqq ticker symbols on the open market. They can refuse to buy back the ticker symbols they sold as gm or mtlqq. But if they do then the bank freezes the sell price of the ticker symbol sold plus 50% (or a $2.50 minimum) of the short sellers own money in the short sellers account. So, the short sellers may have the exchanges STOP trading a ticker symbol they sold short, but the short sellers will not be able to get the money out of the account until they buy BACK the gm or mtlqq ticker symbols they sold.

      You did not buy stocks and any car manufacturing company. Wall Street sold you some ticker symbols and SAID the ticker symbols were stocks in a car manufacturer named "GM". False. The car manufacuturer did not sell you any stocks in the corporation or get the money. The Wall Street short sellers, not the car manufacturer, sold you the gm or mtlqq ticker symbols, AND they had NONE to sell. The short sellers are short or MINUS the gm or mtlqq ticker symbols they sold.

      The new "GM" ticker symbols are also being sold to the public by the Wall Street margin account owners, not the car manufacturer. The Wall Street short sellers also owe the money for the new "GM" ticker symbols they sell, not the car manufacturer.

      If the Wall Street short sellers want to combine the old gm, now mtlqq, ticker symbols with the new GM ticker symbols they are selling that is probably up to them and you.

      However, the Wall Street short sellers only want to buy back the ticker symbols they sell for LESS, not more. So if the new GM ticker symbols are selling at a high price they are not going to combine them with the mtlqq ticker symbols selling at a low price.

      The Wall Street short sellers may just REFUSE to buy back the mtlqq ticker symbols, unless they can buy them back for LESS than they sold them for. Trading may stop. The money stays frozen in the banks.

    • Yes there is a plan.

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      • I feel sorry for some short sellers. Wall Street can swindle the short sellers as well as the long casy buyers of the phoney ticker symbols which represent nothing except claims against the money in the margin accounts of the short sellers who sell them.

        A stock is selling for $5 and the Wall street media reports the "company" (which has nothing to do with the ticker symbols sold) filed for bankruptcy and the stocks are worthless. Nonsense. The company did not SELL the ticker symbols to the public or get the money. the Wall Street firms did. Are the Wall Street margin accounts bankrtupt? No. The margin account owe the money for the ticker symbols they sold, not the "company".

        Well, some short sellers fall for the media CON and immediately short sell the ticker symbols for $4 because the Wall Street media said the ticker symbols were "worthless."

        The short sellers believe the ticker symbols will soon be worthless so they can keep the money they get from selling the worthless ticker symbols.

        Nonsense. If a short seller sells a ticker symbol for $4, then the stock is worth $4. Actually the stock is WORTH $6.50 because the short sellers had to post a minimum of $2.50 into his account as collateral for the "loan" of the "worthless" ticker symbol. The bank will KEEP the $6.50 in the bank UNTIL the short sellers buys back the ticker symbol he "borrowed" and sold.