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  • shelbytownship shelbytownship Dec 16, 2010 11:50 PM Flag

    PASSED a VOLT on the HIGHWAY in MICHIGAN today!!!

    This was the first time I seen a Volt in plain sight. Actually was smaller then I thought. Although, I was very impressed overall. Was black in color and the chrome like emblems stood out nice on it, don't usually like black cars.

    So this is what happened.

    I actually passed the Volt going about 79 mph (if you travel just under 80 mph the state police leave you alone here). Then I noticed it to the right and slowed down behind it and followed the Volt for just over 10 miles. Had to speed up after that, wish I could of followed it longer. Don't know how far the Volt went after I stopped following it, although it made it 10 miles for sure.

    The person driving the Volt had the cruise at 70 mph while following it. I was thinking to myself the entire time that I am using gas and he is not most likely. Was a weird experience. Kind of like seeing the first handheld cell phone for the first time.

    So after I went on my way, I kept thinking to myself during my long drive that maybe GM just may be on to something. The first players in usually do the best and if GM could reinvent the company and spread the technology across the entire fleet then it would be a GM revolution.

    Maybe the GM investment in the Volt will pay off. Cost will go down as more and more people by them, kind of like flat screen tv's.

    Thought I would post this for those who have not seen one on the road yet. Wait to you see it, I think you will be impressed like I was!

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