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  • jhawks2008ncaachamps jhawks2008ncaachamps Dec 28, 2010 1:55 PM Flag

    Thought for today webbie

    The vast individual and corporate fortunes, the vast combinations of capital which have marked the development of our industrial system, create new conditions, and necessitate a change from the old attitude of the state and the nation toward property... More and more it is evident that the State and if necessary the nation, has got to possess the right of supervision and control as regards the great corporations which are its creatures.

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    • <Some of Goldwater's statements in the 1990s aggravated many social conservatives. He endorsed Democrat Karan English in an Arizona congressional race, urged Republicans to lay off Bill Clinton over the Whitewater scandal, and criticized the military's ban on homosexuals:[41] "Everyone knows that gays have served honorably in the military since at least the time of Julius Caesar."[47] He also said, "You don't have to be straight to be in the military; you just have to be able to shoot straight."[48] A few years before his death he went so far as to address the unprincipled establishment "republicans", "Do not associate my name with anything you do. You are extremists, and you've hurt the Republican party much more than the Democrats have."[49]>

      you really need to just stick to pumping toyoda-Goldwater died in May 1998 and Clintons impeachment was in Dec-six months after he died-no bunker ,Barry was talking about the nuts in the GOP today-not Clinton

    • "Do you even know who Goldwater was or when he lived?"

      Well, yes. He was a five term, far right senator from AZ and the 1964
      Republican candidate for president who carried about five
      states. (Five deep south states). He died in 1998 and the
      quote was that at the time of his death he said not to
      associate him with "what you are doing." What were they doing?
      Bringing impeachment charges against Clinton.

      If you have a better explanation, let's see it.

    • Do you even know who Goldwater was or when he lived?

      Seriously, get out of that bunker mentality.

      <<<"Probably, Goldwater was talking about the
      effort to remove Clinton from office for chasing Monica around the desk (and other activities). ">>>

    • Perfect...

    • "The reason no one held him to blame is the loan was sold to a bunch of "investors" the loans were chopped up and sold in many different parts. The bonds each had a different risk related to it so the bonds all had different values."

      As usual, Wall Street leaves out the short sellers. The banks LEND the mortgages and securities to the Wall Street short sellers who post collateral with the bank to borrow the mortgage securities and other securites. Then, the short sellers, NOT the banks, sell the borrowed securities to the public investors.

      If the banks sold the mortgages and other securities directly to the public, the public would OWN the bank, that is the bank's loan collateral, not the bank. The public would be in the banking business and own the land, corporations, and real estate. No way! The land and property and corporations are NOT sold to the public investors. The public buys BORROWED land, BORROWED mortgage securities, BORROWED stocks and bonds. And they are borrowed over and over and resold over and over.

      Wise up to the swindlers and liars!

    • <<<"And to think that I had a higher opinion of your perception!
      How disappointing!">>>

      Sadly, I'm not at all amazed that you still fail to comprehend.

      (I will admit I thought of you, and a couple others, when I read the part about Ayn.)

    • "Gee, looks like banking deregulation was a major cause. And of course GREED."

      And to think that I had a higher opinion of your perception!
      How disappointing!

    • Excellent link.

      From the same:

      <<"Until recently, Alan Greenspan was one
      of the most admired government officials in
      the world. He was appointed and reappointed to high-level positions, and served as chairman of the Federal Reserve for nearly two decades."

      "Fewer people admire Greenspan today. Much
      of the criticism of him is that he formed an
      ideology about markets and refused to budge
      from his views, even when overwhelming
      evidence showed that these views were wrong.
      Greenspan’s ideology was an extreme version of a widely held view about the benefits of markets."

      "He developed these views in his 20s, when he joined the free-market Objectivist movement, dominated by writer Ayn Rand, and he solidified his ideology as a political advisor to President Richard Nixon’s presidential campaign in 1967."

      "Greenspan especially opposed regulation
      of derivatives, the side bets that were at the core of the financial crisis."

      "Many people believe that unregulated markets are frequently preferable to government involvement."

      "But Greenspan’s ideology was that markets
      are always preferable to government."

      "For example,consider Greenspan’s view of fraud. He told one senior regulator that rules prohibiting fraud were unnecessary, because participants in the markets inevitably would discover fraud. He said,
      “We will never agree on the issue of fraud, because I don’t think there is a need for laws against fraud.”">>

      Gee, looks like banking deregulation was a major cause. And of course GREED.

    • "Give that line a rest jeye. I have no affiliation with any car company. Just a customer that finally left GM for a Toyota but, I’ve already told you that."
      You don;'t like that line?

      Would you prefer
      Common Sense died and no one went to the funeral?
      Simple Simon
      Glass Seagulls
      My friend a LIAR
      take whatever line he gives you. If you discourage him thinking it will improve, he wll follow up with something more stale.

    • Give that line a rest jeye. I have no affiliation with any car company. Just a customer that finally left GM for a Toyota but, I’ve already told you that.

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