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  • dbtunr dbtunr Mar 28, 2006 1:45 PM Flag

    Pd jewelery article

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    • Dbt, how goes it? Been a while. How did you find this little gem out? I had someone recommend looking at it.

      Good to cross paths again.

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      • Long story, but after the VOXW debacle I have been looking at companies that actually make something. I am somewhat of a hard currency nut now (gold/silver) and I believe we are in the beginning of a commodity super cycle which will last another 10-15 years.

        Been investing in GG, SLW, CDE. After studying the supply/demand issues of silver which is in a big shortage, I came across Palladium articles. The only North Amer Palladium companies are PAL and SWC. SWC is hedged so their upside is limited, PAL is not. SWC's biggest customers are Ford and GM which could go BK.

        So the only choice is PAL. Palladium is in severe shortage and consumption is being filled by current reserves which are being depleted. Platinum and Palladium are used in exhaust systems. Since Platinum is 3X more expensive, they will switch to Palladium.

        Also Palladium absorbs 800X its volume in hydrogen so it can be used in fuel cell batteries.

        Palladium is also harder and lighter than Platinum so its actually a better metal to use.

        Look at the 10 year chart and you will see it spike to over 1000 and then crash. The Russian's held back Palladium so companies switched to Platinum. don't think that will happen again.

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