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  • bipolar_trader bipolar_trader Nov 15, 2007 5:22 PM Flag

    JJ: 100% loser today - again!

    All his postiions lost:

    SWC, PAL & FSLR (short)

    So what's new???

    JJ defined:
    delusions of grandeur - a delusion (common in paranoia) that you are much greater and more powerful and influential than you really are

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    • Hurry up JJ. Use your multiple login IDs to rate this off the radar like you did on the SWC board. HURRY before someone rates it high again. Run JJ RUN!!!!

    • Fine, if he comes to another stock's board and starts preaching SWC there, rate him one star, send abuse messages to Yahoo, etc.
      But here his preaching of SWC is on-topic while attacks on him personally are not

    • Let me tall you something. I saved a lot of people from losing a lot of money when JJ pumped the crap out of NEW - just like he does here. I consistently countered his BS. NEW went bankrupt.

      If anyone wants to listen to the fantasies that JJ keeps spewing out, that's fine. At the very least they should be informed of how utterly HORRIBLE his track record is. All his postions have moved at least 60% against him.

      I will keep exposing his lies and deceit - whether you like it or not. I owe that to the unsuspecting people who are taken in by his SPAM attacks on other boards. They need to know.

      Anyone that uses multiple IDs, deletes old ones, spams ENDLESSLY and rates his own posts - deserves personal attacks. He personally accuses management of companies of fraud, bad accounting, deliberately taking down websites, etc., etc.

      And as you can see from what I provided mine PALE in comparison, if you can even call them personal attacks at all.

      I notice you have not asked him to stop spamming other boards - have you??

      There's a VERY simple solution for me. Put me on INGORE. I do not have multiple IDs like the idiot. If you want to get sucked in by his tripe, and watch your capital erode - be my guest. Just put me on INGORE and I disappear from your screens.

    • Here's another post on the FSLR board that exposes the twerp. This guy is actually nice to JJ. I simply CANNOT believe that ANY of you listen to this idiot.

      Any One Thinking About Tellurium Yet? (3 Ratings)

      13-Nov-07 06:36 pm

      Haven't your shares become due yet?

      We're all in very eager anticipation for you to have to hock your computer at the pawn shop for shorting FSLR.

      Jens Meyerhoff, the FSLR CFO, publicly stated that FSLR has an extremely abundant supply (terawatts worth) of tellurium.

      You have claimed that he is bad at math, a liar, and a crook who cooks books.

      You also claim to have called the company and talked to them...but later claimed you never get a person...then later claimed their answer "made me secure in my short position". You predicted a Q3 bomb, then you were totally wrong.

      Because of legislation in 2002 (after the Enron and Worldcom scandals), remember that now the CFO is personally liable to do prison time if his published numbers or statements turn out to be false.

      So let's weight in:

      On one side, the CFO, Wall Street, Nasdaq, the SEC, and a host of analysts all believe they have the supply of Tellurium.

      On the other side, an anonymous poster on the Yahoo boards says they will be bankrupt ASAP due to this. This user spams the board all day and logs in with alternate usernames to rate his own posts. In addition, he has a 0% batting average so far at being right.

      Keep posting! You are sure to sucker some people into short positions.

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    • Bamboo, now JJ's spamming himself. He's got a new ID (tellurium_investor) and pretending to talk to himself. What is sooo funny is that his bad English shows right through! PATHETIC LOSER.

      So I suppose, according to your rules, that would be good too - right??

    • Yet another day of the same old, same old, for JJ.

      All his positions moved against him.

      So... what's new? Nothing.

    • Could it be --- AGAIN?!!!

      SWC - DOWN
      PAL- DOWN

      Even his short, in this weak market -- FSLR UP!

      Enjoy JJ. You deserve every penny of your losses today.

    • How does he do it??? Day after day!!

      SWC - down
      PAL - down at new lows
      FSLR short - up even on a big down day

      JJ - tell us all your secrets, please!